June 01, 2015

Life Lately | May in Photos

Even though I claimed in the last monthly round-up that I'd include more of a mix up in posts, I've not done especially well. Anyway, as someone who feels as though all I do is live in the office, I find these monthly round-ups tend to show the opposite of that.

1. I picked up some very 'girl power' Marvel comics on Free Comic Book Day. I went to the store quite late so I missed out on a free comic. However, a lovely stranger noticed my bag and passed one of his on to me. The kindness of strangers always astounds me.

2. I've officially checked myself in to makeup rehab and have been going through my makeup stash in an effort to declutter. I just need to photo things and upload them to the blog sale page.

3. Meeting Alex Box from Illamasqua has for a long while been on my bucket list, it was a privilege to finally meet cross that one off, even if it was for a brief moment.

4. I started makeup school! I've so far only had 3 classes this month and it hasn't been as catastrophic as I imagined. Since we have to create face charts for each makeup look we do, I've been practising applying makeup on face charts at home.

5. I've finally said goodbye to the blonde ombre that I've hated and added Turquoise dye to the bleach! It photos slightly blue but I find it leans green in real life.

6. I've been a huge fan of minty non-alcoholic drinks lately, this one with lime and apples at the Lost and Found was so refreshing.

7.  Persian tea with Iranian desert as Shiraz for work people's birthdays

8. As makeup artist students, we were given a generous one off MAC discount. It was a struggle but I managed to only pick up pieces for a makeup kit.

9. We hit up the Island Bar in town for a friend's birthday, despite going there a few times I never knew they set a lot of their drinks on fire.

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