June 21, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury's Birkin Brown Matte Revolution Lipstick

Move over Velvet Teddy, there's a new brown lipstick in town. Well, it's not particularly new now and in all honesty it reminds me of a lipstick version of Lime Crime's Salem liquid lipstick. After enjoying my first matte revolution lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury, I knew I'd have to try out another. If you're unfamiliar with the matte revolution lipstick range, it's a set of 10 lipsticks that coordinate her 10 looks and are created with specific celebrities in mind.

Birkin Brown is a gorgeous soft chocolate cream lipstick that is inspired by the likes of Naomi Campbell and Jane Birkin. As it's part of the sophisticate look, it's not naturally as dark as it appears here. However, when you pair it with Charlotte Tilbury's Foxy Brown lip cheat it turns into a super intense dark brown. A closer look at it, you can see the 3D glowing pigments create a slightly shimmery almost metallic look up close. 

I'm personally kicking myself for not taking photos of this before switching up hair dye colours. I found Birkin Brown suited my green based turquoise a lot and dark lipsticks with this hair seem too harsh on me. 

As I mentioned during my Sexy Sienna review, I admit to being swept away with rose gold packaging and square lipstick bullet. As silly as it sounds, it really makes whipping it out and applying it such a treat to do. 

While the formula was alright with Sexy Sienna, it was a lot easier to see all the faults with the darker Birkin Brown lipstick. I found I absolutely could not apply this without prepping the lip and a lipliner as the lipstick would not stick to certain parts of the lip. I find with a lipliner it lasts around 6 hours before needing a touch up.

Overall, Birkin Brown is a mixed bag. If it weren't for the fact that I love this shade, I may have regretted this purchase. However, if you're not keen on splurging £23 on a lipstick, MAC's Paramount looks like a spot on dupe for it. 

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