June 14, 2015

5 Things for couples to do instead of Love Locking in Paris

I've mentioned in my life lately posts that I plan on slowly creeping in some non-beauty related posts. With the recent removal of all the love locks in Paris, I thought I'd finally weigh in my thoughts and offer some alternatives. Earlier this year my partner and I decided to visit the city of love for our anniversary. I wouldn't consider us a particularly romantic couple but we do have our moments. Before the trip, we considered taking part in the tourist tradition of love locking but was put off after hearing about how much damage it was doing and even caused a partial collapse to a bridge.

Source - aol.com
Despite not wanting to take part, we did decide to check out the state of the bridges where we played a game of spot the oldest padlock. The majority were dated 2015 and the oldest one we could find was 2013. This didn't come as a big surprise as the locks get removed regularly. It was difficult to see the romantic aspect of the act as I felt like the locks really uglified the bridges. The number of locks were ridiculous. There was so little space on the bridge people had even attached bike locks, and even those were full of padlocks. The locks had snaked beyond the bridge and on to fences surrounding the area. So here are a couple of ideas of things to do with your special someone instead.

1. Stroll along the Seine
Sunrise or sunset may make for a more picturesque walk. However, you can take a walk at any hour and you'll find a lot of activity around the Seine both below and above the river. Above the river it's a bit too hectic with traffic but we spotted a lot of brides and grooms, some getting married and some in the middle of photo shoots. Below, or more aptly put, along the river, you'll find a lot of couples taking part in PDA. However, couple or not, it's definitely worth walking along it as there's plenty of things to discover under the bridges, food huts, hidden restaurants and even speakers that you connect your phone to and play your own music.

2. Climb up the Sacre Ceour at sunrise (or sunset)
There are plenty of places with stunning views of Paris. Since we stayed in the Northern quarter, we headed to our local Boulangerie early one morning and carried our pastries all the way up to the highest point of the city to enjoy our breakfast while watching the city's sky change colours over the hour. While it's more convenient to catch the sunset, you have the bonus of enjoying the empty steps during sunrise as it's packed for most of the day.

3. Learn to say I love you in a new language at 'le Mur de Je T'aime'
Walk a few roads down the Sacre Ceour and you may find yourself at Le mur de je t'aime, which translates to 'the wall of I love you'. The phrase is said to be repeated 311 times in 250 languages, it's definitely worth stopping by for fellow linguaphiles. We enjoyed trying to guess which language each phrase came from. Multi-linguals may have fun simply trying to find the phrase in their own languages.

4. Watch the Eiffel Tower glitter on the hour.
While few may think it'd be more romantic to get a kiss on top of the tower. However, there is little joy from waiting in line to buy a ticket so you can queue up in another line to go up the lifts. God forbid you've paid more money to go to the summit so you can queue up for another lift. I much preferred finding a decent view of the tower and watching it sparkle on the hour. Although, originally, I didn't know that this was a thing and was caught by surprise making the trip slightly more magical.

5. Dinner for two
As a food lover, dinner for two wasn't something I expected to be particularly special as it's something we do quite often. However, the excellent hospitality and ambiance in some of the places we ate made the difference. Ignore the stereotypes of the French being rude, they're excellent hosts and at best, too polite. For those on a budget, you'll find you'll get better value for money on a set menu in many places.

What's your stance on the recent love lock removal? Are you sad to see them go or are you team #lovewithoutlocks?


  1. I love Paris! And I love the blog makeover.

  2. Ohhh, totally missed that love lock thing. We did not know about it and probably would not have cared to visit even if we knew. Does not make a difference at all to the City of Light, n'est-ce pas?