May 12, 2015

5 Signs It's Time To Check In To Makeup Rehab

I don't blog professionally, I just have a bit of a makeup addiction and give my honest opinions on whether I regret a purchase. This also means I don't get sent items to review often and I find I'll often justify more makeup purchases with, 'it's ok it's for the blog' and thumbs up myself in my head. Having recently stumbled upon r/makeuprehab and many hours of lurking, I've decided I could do with a change in consumption levels. This isn't a critique on people who like spending all their money on makeup, I simply feel as though I have more than is necessary. So here's 5 reasons why I'm checking myself in to "makeup rehab" and maybe something you can relate to.

You're Buying More Than You're Using 
My spending habits towards the end of last year and January were ridiculous. Having money with no dependants or loans to pay back has been the main cause. The fact that I work in town and am surrounded by temptation almost daily didn't help at all either. I've spent too many break times makeup shopping.
Fix this by focusing on using up products or starting a project pan. I'm challenging myself from May to October to only allow myself something new after I've used up 5 items.

You Ignore How Much Money You've Been Spending
Ignorance may be bliss but I'm glad I've gained perspective on my spending habits. I've managed to keep track of every makeup purchase I've made this year. Only a 3rd of the year in and I could have easily booked a trip to New York with the money I've spent so far. 
Fix this by keping a makeup expenditure log. Think about what that money could have been spent on instead, memories that could last a lifetime or short lived happiness from shopping.

Your Makeup Is Slowly Taking Over The Room 
Originally, I had one shelf and one drawer to store my beauty items. Soon after, it became two shelves and two drawers. Shortly after that, two shelves, 3 drawers & desk space. I began to really struggle with the space I had, especially as I share the room with my partner.
Fix this by destashing and compacting your space. I don't need 10 shades of purple lipstick or 20 blue eyeshadows. Downsizing is definitely the way to go.

You Already Own Dupes of Everything on Your Wishlist
I feel like almost anything and everything on my current wishlist is easily dupable in my current collection. Even when I was so sure I didn't own a dupe of Melt Cosmetic's Dark Room, I trusted the stash and stayed away from temptation. A few weeks later I reached out for Illamasqua's Shard lipstick and thought it was the perfect dupe.
Fix this by turning into a mindful shopper as opposed to a mindless one. Ask yourself if you have something similar and how much use you'll really get from it, does it actually suit your skin tone? If you own a stupidly large amount of makeup, keep an inventory spreadsheet and refer to it on your phone next time you're contemplating another bright pink eyeshadow.

You're Kind of Embarassed By The Amount You Own
I've met a lot of other makeup addicts and they've mentioned how they own too much makeup and start mentioning numbers of certain products and I kind of cant help but laugh in despair because I find I own at least twice the amount they mention. D'oh!
Fix this by getting rid of excess. Pass on to friends, sell stuff on, visit r/randomactsomakeup or donate. Create a finish up pile for things you're almost done with and bin items that neither you nor anyone else will appreciate. Alternatively, Youtube 'makeup collection' videos and be glad that nobody how ridiculously large your stash is, there's someone else out there with much worse.

Ultimately, I'd love to be able to just say fuck it, no makeup shopping for 6 months and drastically cutting down the makeup stash. With my course starting this month though, I feel as though it'll be necessary to start building a kit soonish and have enough to practice on different skin tones etc. So I may find myself switching up the rules along the lime to adjust.


  1. Haha this post made me giggle! :P

  2. Oh dear, I should really do this too! The amount I have is ridiculous.
    Hope you manage to keep it up!