May 06, 2015

5 Models Own Nail Polish Spring/Summer Picks

This month, I'm starting a makeup course where I'm meant to keep my nails short and I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish for hygiene reasons. So naturally, I suddenly felt compelled to wear all of the nail polish to make up for the last year of rarely wearing any. Over the last few months Models Own opened up a bottle shop in town and I only recently came across it because I've been trying to not be so reckless with my spending. However, when I came across the shop, I was immediately reeled in with all the colour.

Top to Bottom - Oval Plum, Purple Haze, Chrome Mauve & Colour Explosion over Mint Icing

Diamond Luxe Oval Plum - For the millionth time, I have serious magpie problems. This was the first polish that got my attention. The subtle shimmer looks magical in the bottle. The Diamond Luxe formula was easily one of the best ones and lasted for around 5 days before signs of chipping and that was just with one coat.

Purple Haze Glitter Polish - Again with the sparkles! It's actually just bright purple glitter with a clear base. So you can mix and match it with different nail colours. Personally, I prefer it over a dark plum/black nail varnish. It acts as a top coat and naturally as with all glitter polishes, how long it lasts isn't an issue, it's getting it off that's the problem!

Chrome Mauve - This is one of the fastest drying nail polishes I've ever owned. I can only assume it's due to the finish. I've never been a huge fan of metallic shades but the purple definitely won me over. My only critique with this is that if the nail isn't completely cleaned from your previous manicure, you'll end up with random bumps on the nails.

Colour Explosion - Is very aptly named. Can you believe, the same day I purchased this I ended up leaking half of the bottle because I didn't secure the lid before throwing it back into the bag. Colour Explosion is part of the festival range and is a clear polish with hex glitters of various sizes in blue, silver, yellow and orange. It's not great coverage which I'm fine with as it makes it easier to change the amount of glitter you apply.

Mint Icing - Immediately after purchasing, I began questioning it. Why did I get this? There's a million pastel mint polishes out there and I definitely own a few already. However, I can kind of justify this one as it's less pastel and a rather bright almost neon mint shade. As with all pastel nail polishes, mint icing needed a good 3 layers of nail polish for full coverage. I was initially surprised by how little one layer covered.

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