May 22, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #6 Immodest

Another pink lipstick, another purchase I regretted making after receiving it. Originally part of the geniusly named Imperfection collection, with a speckled theme to it all, this was an impulse purchase as it was included in one of the many Illamasqua online sales. So do I still regret this purchase or did I embrace it with my new blonde ombre hair as with Atomic?

Immodest is described as a vivid pink but I'd describe it as a Barbie pink. Colour wise, this is easily my least favourite lipstick. Even with my light blonde bleach job, I'm not a fan. However, I can picture this really suiting pale and generally lighter skinned girls quite well. The only way I find myself using this up is by mixing it with other lipsticks.

Immodest applied rather sheer and required a fair bit of layering for coverage which caused a lot of pulling and tugging. Despite being applied over lip balm, it was very flaky on the lips and left it feeling dry. I found it lasted for around 5 hours and settled into the cracks. Even ignoring my dislike for the colour, the formula seems extra dry compared to other Illamasqua lipsticks. 

Ultimately, I wouldn't recommend Immodest, even on sale it's too dry. It's an easily dupable shade and a drugstore one would have a superior formula. Save your £18.50 and look for an alternative.

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