May 20, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #4 Climax

My fourth lipstick isn't as well loved as it should be. I had my eye on Climax for a while but each time I tried to purchase it in store, it was sold out. It's a very common dusty rose pink shade and after well over a year, I managed to grab them at a 50% off sale. At last I finally had it but with so many dupes out there in various finishes, does it still live up to it's former glory?

While I do still love the lipstick shade itself, I found it applied a little patchy which a lip scrub helped improve. I also had to go over it multiple times for it to apply evenly on the lips. You can see how the colour is a bit unforgiving on the lips. It just makes my lips look dry and flakey. I know this can be fixed with a bit of Carmex lip balm or some gloss but I feel like most of my other Illamasqua lipsticks performed better. Making this purchase a bit of a dud unfortunately.

On the plus side, I found the lipstick, as with all of Illamaaqua's other matte finishes, to be very long lasting. It easily lasted over 6 hours. I also found it to feel rather creamy, despite it not applying that way. The best dupe I have for this, although not a perfect one, is Kat Von D's Lovecraft. Although it doesn't last as long, I prefer it's creamy finish over the dry finish of Illamasqua's Climax.

Ultimately, if a good friend of mine was considering getting this shade, I'd tell them to skip out on Climax and find a more affordable and forgiving dupe instead. At £18.50, I'd suggest they tried out a different Illamasqua shade alternatively.

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