May 19, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #3 Maneater

My third lipstick in my little Illamasqua lipstick series is actually the 2nd lipstick I ever purchased, Maneater. I've had it for ages and it was even included in my first look of the day post (cringe), but it was relaunched as a Valentines collection more recently-ish. It was my first non nude lipstick. I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to to walk in the store to try out a red lip. I recall feeling very odd wearing it but not too uncomfortable to take it home with me.

Maneater to me is the perfect cherry red lipstick, it's why I've not amassed a large collection of red lipsticks. While I do love how awesome the colour has turned out, my taste has definitely changed. I prefer my reds to be much deeper. It's also not received much love as when I do decide to go for a cherry red lipstick, I reach for a liquid lipstick instead.

I find red lipsticks rather problematic as they tend to bleed so I'll always make sure I use a red lip pencil. For a party or night out, this has always kept everything in place with Maneater lasting around 6 hours. However if I wear this for a meal, it has a way of going everywhere. This is essentially why I tend to go for liquid lipsticks, they're a lot easier to manage and only fade in the middle. Maneater itself has a slight creamy finish, particularly for a matte lipstick. However, I did experience a little bit of pulling.

The only reason why I wouldn't encourage people to purchase Maneater is Illamasqua lipsticks aren't as cheap as they were when I purchased this and of all shades to go for, Maneater isn't unique. What brand these days doesn't have a classic cherry red lipstick? However, if you've had your eye on this shade for a while but have been unsure, I'd definitely recommend trying out!

Ultimately, Maneater although lovely, hasn't rekindled my love for red lipsticks, I still prefer myreds in liquid lipstick form. You can check out Maneater at Illamasqua.

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