May 26, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #10 ESP

We've finally made it to the double digits! I admit to having a love hate relationship with this lipstick. When the Paranormal collection launched by Illamasqua I didn't really think much of their ESP lip colour. My purple addiction hadn't really started back then. ESP was officially the first purple lipstick I had tried though and I wasn't won over by it, so how do I feel now?

ESP is a vivid violet lipstick that actually goes really well with my new hair colour. It's a beautiful bright purple lipstick that comes off a bit multi-dimensional due to how awfully patchy it is. Hence, my love-hate relationship with it. It's a huge shame as it's one of the most unique purple lipsticks I own. It reminds me of a deep purple version of MAC's Violetta.

The lipstick tube is incredibly stiff and dry, exert too much pressure and you're guaranteed to snap the bullet. On days when I've not prepared my lips, I get almost no transfer. While a lip care routine certainly improves application, as you can tell from the photos above though, it's still not perfect. The only way I've managed to make the lipstick work is by using a lip primer and applying it with a lip brush.

On the rare occasion where I manage to apply ESP evenly on the lips, I find that ESP easily lasts over 6 hours with minimal retouching. So while the colour itself is stunning and it's long-lasting, I wouldn't recommend it for £18.50. As purples have been trending like crazy over the last year or so, there's probably a dupe out there and if not, one will probably be made.

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  1. It really does suit you with your new hair colour. ;)