May 31, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #11 Resist

Apologies for the brief break, I've been unwell and makeup is the last thing on my mind when I'm ill. I've seemed to recover for the most part now though. So today's lipstick, Resist, is easily one of my favourite ones and I think was the 3rd lipstick I ever purchased. I can't imagine ever owning as little as 3 lipsticks only. The look I'm wearing with Resist is my casual everyday makeup that I tend to wear, so nothing particularly exciting.

Resist managed to make it on my pink hater's favourite pink makeup items list. It's a stunning deep rose pink. Although it doesn't strike me as a particularly unique shade, I find it's a surprisingly difficult one to dupe and I don't own any alternatives. It strikes me as a universally flattering shade of pink.

Resist is one of my favourite formulas in the Illamasqua lipstick range. Although it's a matte lipstick it applies smoothly and evenly. When applying it's neither drying or moisturising. The finish isn't as flat as some Illamasqua lipsticks and although it's creamier than other Illamasqua lipsticks it still has a very matte finish. 

Out of all my lipsticks, I find Resist to be the most long lasting one. By then end of a working day, I found I had a pink stain left on the lips. It easily lasts a decent 7 hours and manages to stay put for the most part after a meal.

Overall, of all Illamasqua lipsticks, I'd definitely recommend picking up Resist
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May 26, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #10 ESP

We've finally made it to the double digits! I admit to having a love hate relationship with this lipstick. When the Paranormal collection launched by Illamasqua I didn't really think much of their ESP lip colour. My purple addiction hadn't really started back then. ESP was officially the first purple lipstick I had tried though and I wasn't won over by it, so how do I feel now?

ESP is a vivid violet lipstick that actually goes really well with my new hair colour. It's a beautiful bright purple lipstick that comes off a bit multi-dimensional due to how awfully patchy it is. Hence, my love-hate relationship with it. It's a huge shame as it's one of the most unique purple lipsticks I own. It reminds me of a deep purple version of MAC's Violetta.

The lipstick tube is incredibly stiff and dry, exert too much pressure and you're guaranteed to snap the bullet. On days when I've not prepared my lips, I get almost no transfer. While a lip care routine certainly improves application, as you can tell from the photos above though, it's still not perfect. The only way I've managed to make the lipstick work is by using a lip primer and applying it with a lip brush.

On the rare occasion where I manage to apply ESP evenly on the lips, I find that ESP easily lasts over 6 hours with minimal retouching. So while the colour itself is stunning and it's long-lasting, I wouldn't recommend it for £18.50. As purples have been trending like crazy over the last year or so, there's probably a dupe out there and if not, one will probably be made.
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May 25, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #9 Pristine

Officially 3/4 of the way through now! Of all the black lipsticks I've owned, today's puts the rest to shame. It's easily my favourite formula of all as I find it doesn't end up a big mess on my face after hours of wear. I picked Pristine up on a whim during one of the many Illamasqua sales for just £7.50. It has a tendancy to be on sale a fair few times, which I find surprising considering the quality but I can imagine black lipsticks don't tend to sell particularly well on the high street, especially for £18.50.

Since I had the one rare day where I have no work and no plans, I did a, 'I'm not leaving the house' makeup look using colours from the Electric palette that match my newly coloured hair. Normally I wouldn't pair a look like this with such a dramatic lip and would just use a nude lipstick like yesterday's Test. With dark lipsticks, I tend to over draw my lips a bit as my natural lips are on the thinner side. Darker lip colours only accentuate the thinness. I find pristine isn't black enough with my medium skin tone so I'll usually pair it with illamasqua's repulse lipgloss.

 Despite Pristine being categorised as one of Illamasqua's matte lipsticks, it's by far the creamiest one I've tried and applies effortlessly. It's finish isn't as flat as certain other Illamasqua lipsticks. It's almost too creamy as I managed to break the bullet while applying the lipstick one day. However it's not so creamy that it disappears quickly/after a meal like Lime Crime's Styletto. Pristine manages to stay on the lips for a good 5 hours and at least 7 with a lip liner.

I can't imagine Pristine being the average woman's cup of tea but if you are into dark lipsticks and are looking into investing in a decent black lipstick, Illamasqua's Pristine is easily one of the best ones in the market. 
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May 24, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #8 Test

I really should have started off with Test as it was the first lipstick I ever bought myself. It's a very off name to have and when I went home with my purchase I was very confused and thought I had a tester in my bag. Within a year of owning Test though, I managed to finish the lipstick and even scraped out what was left in the tube. Unfortunately, Test is currently discontinued so I won't be able to replace it again.

Test isn't a particularly unique lipstick shade. It's described as a soft pink chocolate although I'd describe is as a pinky tan with just a hint of pink. It's a beautiful everyday shade that I almost always pair with heavy eye makeup or will wear when I'm pretending I'm not wearing any makeup. Being a medium skin toned woman, I find certain nude lipsticks that look amazing on others end up looking like concealer lips on me. 

Test isn't particularly creamy or drying but it leans slightly on the creamy side. I've never had trouble applying it unlike a few other Illamasqua lipsticks. Although it's an easily dupable lip colour, I don't actually own an exact dupe to it, although I can't imagine it'd be difficult to find one. I'll probably throw it in my handbag and compare it to other ones in the high street when I'm close to finishing it and need a replacement.

While I've always raved about the longevity of Illamasqua lipsticks, I'm unsure about how long Test actually lasts. As it's essentially a 'my lips but better' lipstick on me. So I struggle to notice when it's actually faded. I'd say it lasts at least 4 hours but possibly 6. As it's slightly creamy, it's more prone to fade after a meal or a drink or two.

If Test wasn't discontinued, I'd recommend it but unfortunately, there's no point. I'm gutted they discontinued it. If you're interested in a nude lipstick by Illamasqua though, it may be worth trying out their nude lipsticks in their new satin finish lipsticks.
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May 23, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #7 Magnetism

I've finally reviewed over half of my Illamasqua lipsticks. Today's lipstick is one of my more recent purchases so it hasn't received as much love as others. I recall trying it out way back when the Generation Q collection released and liked it but wasn't experimental with lipstick shades to make the purchase. Quite a few years later I spotted it in an Illamasqua sale and made the purchase. 

Magnetism is described as a deep raspberry pink. I'd describe it as a berry, which can be a bit vague. To be more precise, it's a slightly redder and pinker version of MAC's Rebel. I've yet to see anyone this doesn't flatter. I consider it a universally flattering shade. It's not particularly unique though, I own a few similar shades but not an exact dupe. That said, I adore the shade and I'll definitely be getting a lot more use out of it.

Although Magnetism definitely leans on the creamy side the formula is neither as creamy nor as drying as some of the other matte lipsticks Illamasqua offer. The bullet needs some warming up on the lips while applying but glides on with full coverage effortlessly. As with all other Illamasqua lipsticks, I manage to get a decent amount of wear time with it. It lasts around 4-5 hours before needing a touch-up. Even then, there's still a bit of a stain that's leftover.

Ultimately, Magnetism is a rather universally flattering shade and it's not too out there to scare people off either. I would almost describe it as one of Illamasqua's must have shades.
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May 22, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #6 Immodest

Another pink lipstick, another purchase I regretted making after receiving it. Originally part of the geniusly named Imperfection collection, with a speckled theme to it all, this was an impulse purchase as it was included in one of the many Illamasqua online sales. So do I still regret this purchase or did I embrace it with my new blonde ombre hair as with Atomic?

Immodest is described as a vivid pink but I'd describe it as a Barbie pink. Colour wise, this is easily my least favourite lipstick. Even with my light blonde bleach job, I'm not a fan. However, I can picture this really suiting pale and generally lighter skinned girls quite well. The only way I find myself using this up is by mixing it with other lipsticks.

Immodest applied rather sheer and required a fair bit of layering for coverage which caused a lot of pulling and tugging. Despite being applied over lip balm, it was very flaky on the lips and left it feeling dry. I found it lasted for around 5 hours and settled into the cracks. Even ignoring my dislike for the colour, the formula seems extra dry compared to other Illamasqua lipsticks. 

Ultimately, I wouldn't recommend Immodest, even on sale it's too dry. It's an easily dupable shade and a drugstore one would have a superior formula. Save your £18.50 and look for an alternative.
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May 21, 2015

12 Days of illamasqua Lipsticks - #5 Kontrol

Another day, another lipstick. I think Kontrol was my first purple lipstick and it still remains as one of my favourites. It's a rather unique shade of blue violet, one that not any other brand out there seems to have a dupe of. The deep purple lipstick seems to suit every skin tone although you might want to skip out on it if you're not into the gothic look. Although, I admit it suited my full head of natural hair more than it does now.

Kontrol is easily one of the creamiest lipsticks in their matte range. This made it very easy to apply with no lip tugging. As you can see, it doesn't look particularly matte on the lips either. It's super pigmented and applies easily with one swipe although you'll find yourself going over to create the perfect shape. Kontrol isn't hydrating but it certainly isn't drying either.

Even though Kontrol is such a bold shade, I find I can get away without using a lip liner and still manage to create a decent lip shape. I found during meal time that it had minimal transfer and easily lasts over 5 hours. However, as it's such a bold unique shade, I always find myself retouching it if it's even the least bit faded. Ultimately, I have nothing negative to say about it and have zero regrets purchasing. I just wish I used it more often.

While purple lipsticks have been incredibly popular lately, I've still yet to come across a close dupe for it. So if you've had your eye on Kontrol, I would definitely recommend it. 
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May 20, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #4 Climax

My fourth lipstick isn't as well loved as it should be. I had my eye on Climax for a while but each time I tried to purchase it in store, it was sold out. It's a very common dusty rose pink shade and after well over a year, I managed to grab them at a 50% off sale. At last I finally had it but with so many dupes out there in various finishes, does it still live up to it's former glory?

While I do still love the lipstick shade itself, I found it applied a little patchy which a lip scrub helped improve. I also had to go over it multiple times for it to apply evenly on the lips. You can see how the colour is a bit unforgiving on the lips. It just makes my lips look dry and flakey. I know this can be fixed with a bit of Carmex lip balm or some gloss but I feel like most of my other Illamasqua lipsticks performed better. Making this purchase a bit of a dud unfortunately.

On the plus side, I found the lipstick, as with all of Illamaaqua's other matte finishes, to be very long lasting. It easily lasted over 6 hours. I also found it to feel rather creamy, despite it not applying that way. The best dupe I have for this, although not a perfect one, is Kat Von D's Lovecraft. Although it doesn't last as long, I prefer it's creamy finish over the dry finish of Illamasqua's Climax.

Ultimately, if a good friend of mine was considering getting this shade, I'd tell them to skip out on Climax and find a more affordable and forgiving dupe instead. At £18.50, I'd suggest they tried out a different Illamasqua shade alternatively.
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May 19, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #3 Maneater

My third lipstick in my little Illamasqua lipstick series is actually the 2nd lipstick I ever purchased, Maneater. I've had it for ages and it was even included in my first look of the day post (cringe), but it was relaunched as a Valentines collection more recently-ish. It was my first non nude lipstick. I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to to walk in the store to try out a red lip. I recall feeling very odd wearing it but not too uncomfortable to take it home with me.

Maneater to me is the perfect cherry red lipstick, it's why I've not amassed a large collection of red lipsticks. While I do love how awesome the colour has turned out, my taste has definitely changed. I prefer my reds to be much deeper. It's also not received much love as when I do decide to go for a cherry red lipstick, I reach for a liquid lipstick instead.

I find red lipsticks rather problematic as they tend to bleed so I'll always make sure I use a red lip pencil. For a party or night out, this has always kept everything in place with Maneater lasting around 6 hours. However if I wear this for a meal, it has a way of going everywhere. This is essentially why I tend to go for liquid lipsticks, they're a lot easier to manage and only fade in the middle. Maneater itself has a slight creamy finish, particularly for a matte lipstick. However, I did experience a little bit of pulling.

The only reason why I wouldn't encourage people to purchase Maneater is Illamasqua lipsticks aren't as cheap as they were when I purchased this and of all shades to go for, Maneater isn't unique. What brand these days doesn't have a classic cherry red lipstick? However, if you've had your eye on this shade for a while but have been unsure, I'd definitely recommend trying out!

Ultimately, Maneater although lovely, hasn't rekindled my love for red lipsticks, I still prefer myreds in liquid lipstick form. You can check out Maneater at Illamasqua.
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May 18, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #2 Atomic

If you've missed my last post, I'm going through my selection of Illamasqua lipsticks for the next few days as I find the quality is a little different with each shade. Most of these lipsticks have been very used so they aren't particularly photogenic. Yesterday, I started off with one of my favourite shades, Shard. Today I have Atomic, a shade that I had much regret purchasing.

Why did I resent it so much? Originally, I had walked in store to pick up Resist but it wasn't in stock. Atomic was suggested as an alternative and even though I didn't like it I bought it as I was told it suited me a lot. I'd always end up mixing it with a neutral lipstick to get a less intense bold lip colour. Eventually, I did regret the purchase as I'd hate the colour in photos. However, with my new bleached hair, I actually kind of like it and finally see the appeal of this shade.

Atomic is described as a Fuchsia Violet and it has a slight shimmer finish. The colour description is pretty accurate as I'd describe it is a fuchsia lipstick with a blue sheen to it, giving it an almost galactic pink edge to it. It's not your average bright pink lip and I can't say I know of many dupes for it. It released as part of the SS11 Toxic Nature collection. Since I hadn't hit my lipstick addiction by that time though, I didn't really care about it.

Although the formula for Illamasqua lipsticks are very matte and dry I didn't find it drying or particularly matte. I'd describe Atomic as semi-matte at best so expect 0 patchiness. However, that doesn't mean it won't last long, I easily got a decent 5-6 hours of wear. I didn't experience tugging while applying as it's one of the slightly creamier lipsticks Illamasqua offers.

I'm really glad I've revisited Atomic, I finally see why people rave about it. I only had to turn 50% blonde to finally get. I can no longer fault this lipstick for anything!
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May 17, 2015

12 Days of Illamasqua Lipsticks - #1 Shard

For a long time I've been putting off reviewing my Illamasqua matte lipsticks. Mostly as some of them have been very loved and aren't particularly pretty to take photos of. Then there's the fact that for a long time I was very bias towards them as they were the only lipstick brand I would buy. For the past year though they've barely been touched as I've been buying way too many lipsticks. To curb my wasteful spending habits, I'm finally going through my little lineup of Illamasqua lipsticks and reviewing them one by one. 

Today's shade is from Illamasqua's Sacred Hour collection, Shard. It is described as a red violet however it's definitely a chameleon shade that looks different depending on who's wearing it. On me it looks nothing like the official swatches on the Illamasqua website. However, you can get similar results with a light application. It strikes me as a dupe for Melt Cosmetics Darkroom or Tom Ford's Black Dahlia.

I admit I've not given shard much love as when I first bought it I was a little new to dark lips and found it too dark. However, I've definitely gotten over that and expect to see myself reaching out for it more. If you do find it too scary a shade, I'd suggest toning it down slightly with a deep pink gloss. The makeup artists did this using Belladonna and the end colour was what convinced me to go for it.

The quality with Illamasqua lipsticks tend to vary with each shade. Shard applies quite easily without pulling. It's one of the slightly creamier formulas in their matte range. The lipstick is neither drying nor moisturising. It is very matte though. It ended up looking a bit patchy on my dry lips. The lipstick is very long lasting and only slightly faded after a meal. It lasted for about 6 hours before leaving a stain effect which lasted an extra 2 hours.

Overall, Shard is definitely a shade I'd recommend picking up. You can pick up Shard at Illamasqua's for £18.50.
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May 15, 2015

5 Fuchsia Toned Lipsticks

For someone who doesn't like pink lipsticks, I've accumulated way too many of them. As a matte lipstick lover too, I don't know how I ended up with three fuchsia lipsticks with creamy finishes. I've recently decided to streamline my makeup stash so I thought I'd compare a few items by colour family before I downsize and eliminate any products. 

First Row L-R : Sleek Fuchsia, Jeffree Star Prom Night
Second Row L-R : Bare Minerals Never Say Never, NYX Razzle Butter Lipstick
Bottom : Illamasqua Atomic

Out of all 5 lipsticks Sleek's Fuchsia lipstick and NYX's Razzle Butter lipstick are almost perfect dupes. They're both creamy cool toned fuchsia pink lipsticks, with the butter lipstick being slightly brighter. I find NYX lasts 2 hours longer than Sleek's fuchsia lipstick which lasts 3 hours at best. If you're ever stuck deciding between these two, definitely check out the butter lipstick.

Jeffree Star's Prom Night liquid lipstick isn't really especially fuchsia. It's officially described as a bright matte pink lipstick. It seems quite a shocking pink on the official site but either it's because of my dark lips or medium skin tone, it has slightly redder undertones.

Bare Minerals lipstick in Never Say Never is my favourite of the three creamy finish lipsticks. Unfortunately, I think I've only worn it three times! It easily beats the other 2 in terms of pigmentation, durability and how moisturising it is. I can't seem to fault it aside for the price.

Illamasqua's Atomic matte lipstick is the most unique one of all 5. It's officially described as a fuchsia violet but I'd describe it as a fuchsia lipstick with a subtle blue sheen. Originally, I absolutely disliked this lipstick but with the current state of my hair, I've been absolutely in love with it. Expect a full review on this soon though!

I'm most likely going to get rid of my butter lipstick and Bare Minerals lipstick, even though they're easily some of the higher quality items. Expect to see those up on the blog sale page by the end of the month as I have a load of items to photo.
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May 12, 2015

5 Signs It's Time To Check In To Makeup Rehab

I don't blog professionally, I just have a bit of a makeup addiction and give my honest opinions on whether I regret a purchase. This also means I don't get sent items to review often and I find I'll often justify more makeup purchases with, 'it's ok it's for the blog' and thumbs up myself in my head. Having recently stumbled upon r/makeuprehab and many hours of lurking, I've decided I could do with a change in consumption levels. This isn't a critique on people who like spending all their money on makeup, I simply feel as though I have more than is necessary. So here's 5 reasons why I'm checking myself in to "makeup rehab" and maybe something you can relate to.

You're Buying More Than You're Using 
My spending habits towards the end of last year and January were ridiculous. Having money with no dependants or loans to pay back has been the main cause. The fact that I work in town and am surrounded by temptation almost daily didn't help at all either. I've spent too many break times makeup shopping.
Fix this by focusing on using up products or starting a project pan. I'm challenging myself from May to October to only allow myself something new after I've used up 5 items.

You Ignore How Much Money You've Been Spending
Ignorance may be bliss but I'm glad I've gained perspective on my spending habits. I've managed to keep track of every makeup purchase I've made this year. Only a 3rd of the year in and I could have easily booked a trip to New York with the money I've spent so far. 
Fix this by keping a makeup expenditure log. Think about what that money could have been spent on instead, memories that could last a lifetime or short lived happiness from shopping.

Your Makeup Is Slowly Taking Over The Room 
Originally, I had one shelf and one drawer to store my beauty items. Soon after, it became two shelves and two drawers. Shortly after that, two shelves, 3 drawers & desk space. I began to really struggle with the space I had, especially as I share the room with my partner.
Fix this by destashing and compacting your space. I don't need 10 shades of purple lipstick or 20 blue eyeshadows. Downsizing is definitely the way to go.

You Already Own Dupes of Everything on Your Wishlist
I feel like almost anything and everything on my current wishlist is easily dupable in my current collection. Even when I was so sure I didn't own a dupe of Melt Cosmetic's Dark Room, I trusted the stash and stayed away from temptation. A few weeks later I reached out for Illamasqua's Shard lipstick and thought it was the perfect dupe.
Fix this by turning into a mindful shopper as opposed to a mindless one. Ask yourself if you have something similar and how much use you'll really get from it, does it actually suit your skin tone? If you own a stupidly large amount of makeup, keep an inventory spreadsheet and refer to it on your phone next time you're contemplating another bright pink eyeshadow.

You're Kind of Embarassed By The Amount You Own
I've met a lot of other makeup addicts and they've mentioned how they own too much makeup and start mentioning numbers of certain products and I kind of cant help but laugh in despair because I find I own at least twice the amount they mention. D'oh!
Fix this by getting rid of excess. Pass on to friends, sell stuff on, visit r/randomactsomakeup or donate. Create a finish up pile for things you're almost done with and bin items that neither you nor anyone else will appreciate. Alternatively, Youtube 'makeup collection' videos and be glad that nobody how ridiculously large your stash is, there's someone else out there with much worse.

Ultimately, I'd love to be able to just say fuck it, no makeup shopping for 6 months and drastically cutting down the makeup stash. With my course starting this month though, I feel as though it'll be necessary to start building a kit soonish and have enough to practice on different skin tones etc. So I may find myself switching up the rules along the lime to adjust.

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May 10, 2015

Drugstore vs Mid Range vs High End Eyeliner Pens, Is there really a difference?

As someone who feels like a makeup look looks unfinished without eyeliner, I tend to go through eyeliners quite quickly. Over the last year or so, I've been experimenting with different brands from drugstore, to middle range and even a luxury brand. So how different could felt tip eyeliners really be? Surely they're all essentially the same?

Barry M Blink Precision Liner £4.59 | This is the eyeliner I purchase when I'm broke and have run out of eyeliner. It's a rather idiot proof eyeliner but I find it wears off well before the end of the day. I find it really struggles to apply on top a heavy eyeshadow look.

NYX The Curve Liner £13 | I was ready to repurchase NYX's the curve eyeliner and instantly fell in love with it after the initial problem of getting used to applying it with the strange curve holder. The formula is extremely black and it's so easy to create nice thick wings. Even though it wasn't waterproof I was willing to repurchase. It wasn't until the curved holder fell off and I saw how small the liquid liner cartridge was and I felt ripped off. 

Kat Von D Tattoo The Trooper Liner | While the rest of these are felt tip eyeliners, this actually has a brush tip disguised as a felt tip. I was expecting to love this but I don't think I've ever been more disappointed by eyeliner in my life. This eyeliner has been so hyped in the beauty community. The only real positive thing I have to say about it is I find the packaging adorable and that it's very easy to create intricate details with the brush. The issues? I find the formula too watery making it not last particularly well and a pain to apply over eyeshadow. The brush is too thin to be able to fill in my eyeliner wing which is incredibly frustrating. I'll always end up reaching for a different eyeliner to fill it in.

Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Precision Eyeliner £15.50 | I've often raved about Urban Decay's Perversion eyeliner pencil so I thought I'd try out their now not so new precision ink for eyes perversion eyeliner. While it easily applies over shadows, I find it has a tendency to drag on the skin. This usually results in me ruining my eyeliner and the quick drying formula makes it difficult to fix. I often have to line the back of my hand as occasionally the pen refuses to apply. Out of all 5, I found Urban Decay's formula the most long lasting of all.

Charlotte Tilbury The Feline Flick Eyeliner Pen in Panther £22 | Selfridges had a 10% sale last winter and I made a load of Charlotte Tilbury purchases because of it. Of all things to buy, I'm not 100% sure what compelled me to drop almost £20 on a felt eyeliner but I'm surprised to say, I don't regret the purchase. Charlotte Tilbury's formula is a super intense black and the formula easily lasts from the start of a working day into a late night. I find the felt tip quite sturdy with no dragging and the it's incredibly easy to get the tip of the wings right when applying eyeliner. Most importantly for me though, as someone who has serious allergy and hay fever issues, I find this eyeliner to be one of the only ones that manage to stay in place, even with watery eyes!

So what's wrong with it? Well the price for one, it's stupidly expensive. For the price, I definitely need to stop wearing it so casually and reserve it for nights out and special occasions only. I find the brush naturally creates thick wings, which I adore but if you're into more subtle liner, you may want to skip this entirely. I find it's almost too longlasting and on occasion can leave a stain. Despite that, I'm so enamoured by it that I definitely see myself repurchasing.

Swatched L-R with one swipe only : Barry M, NYX, Kat Von D, Urban Decay, Chatlotte Tilbury

To Summarise
BARRY M - Best for price, not so good on everything else
NYX - Takes some getting used to but otherwise amazing formula
KAT VON D - Best for thin lines, not particularly great for the rest
URBAN DECAY - Perfect formula but drags a bit
CHARLOTTE TILBURY - All of the points aside for the price mark

Favourite to Least Favourite - CT, NYX, UD, Barry M, KVD

The formula for each of these were quite different and had their own unique pros and cons. As someone who has often felt certain midrange and high end brands are a bit lack lustre in quality, I'm surprised to find myself genuinely in love with a luxury end eyeliner. That said, paying more doesn't always guarantee amazing quality either. You can find some excellent drugstore brand eyeliners that perform better than midrange ones. If eyeliner is part of your daily makeup routine, I would definitely recommend investing in a luxury one for special occasions.
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May 06, 2015

5 Models Own Nail Polish Spring/Summer Picks

This month, I'm starting a makeup course where I'm meant to keep my nails short and I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish for hygiene reasons. So naturally, I suddenly felt compelled to wear all of the nail polish to make up for the last year of rarely wearing any. Over the last few months Models Own opened up a bottle shop in town and I only recently came across it because I've been trying to not be so reckless with my spending. However, when I came across the shop, I was immediately reeled in with all the colour.

Top to Bottom - Oval Plum, Purple Haze, Chrome Mauve & Colour Explosion over Mint Icing

Diamond Luxe Oval Plum - For the millionth time, I have serious magpie problems. This was the first polish that got my attention. The subtle shimmer looks magical in the bottle. The Diamond Luxe formula was easily one of the best ones and lasted for around 5 days before signs of chipping and that was just with one coat.

Purple Haze Glitter Polish - Again with the sparkles! It's actually just bright purple glitter with a clear base. So you can mix and match it with different nail colours. Personally, I prefer it over a dark plum/black nail varnish. It acts as a top coat and naturally as with all glitter polishes, how long it lasts isn't an issue, it's getting it off that's the problem!

Chrome Mauve - This is one of the fastest drying nail polishes I've ever owned. I can only assume it's due to the finish. I've never been a huge fan of metallic shades but the purple definitely won me over. My only critique with this is that if the nail isn't completely cleaned from your previous manicure, you'll end up with random bumps on the nails.

Colour Explosion - Is very aptly named. Can you believe, the same day I purchased this I ended up leaking half of the bottle because I didn't secure the lid before throwing it back into the bag. Colour Explosion is part of the festival range and is a clear polish with hex glitters of various sizes in blue, silver, yellow and orange. It's not great coverage which I'm fine with as it makes it easier to change the amount of glitter you apply.

Mint Icing - Immediately after purchasing, I began questioning it. Why did I get this? There's a million pastel mint polishes out there and I definitely own a few already. However, I can kind of justify this one as it's less pastel and a rather bright almost neon mint shade. As with all pastel nail polishes, mint icing needed a good 3 layers of nail polish for full coverage. I was initially surprised by how little one layer covered.
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