April 30, 2015

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush in Quiver First Impressions

Lately, I've been cutting back on makeup spending. I admit it may not seem that way and that I still probably spend more money on it than the average woman but it's a personal improvement. However, I had to make the exception with Urban Decay's summer nights collection which has officially launched in the UK as off today. The summer collection consists of 12 new lip glosses and blushers, 8 new eyeshadows and a new lip primer. Out of everything in the collection, the blushers stuck out the most to me.

The packaging's gunmetal packaging matches the rest of the brand's recently revamped products. The packaging can double as a mirror as it's easy to check out your reflection which also makes it a nightmare to photograph. It also features a see-through fishnet logo cutout to easily identify what shade you're reaching for.

Originally, I had my eye on Bittersweet, which was a bright matte purple blush but felt like I had too much purple in my life. So instead, I thought I'd try out Quiver, a matte bright red blush and it'd fill up a gap in my current blush lineup. I tend to play it safe with blush colours so figuring out how to wear this without feeling too clownish will be challenging for me.

Urban Decay's new afterglow blush is easily one of the most pigmented blushers I've owned. As it's such a bold colour, I'd definitely recommend using less product and building the colour to something you're comfortable with. As to whether it's long-lasting, I found that as I didn't apply a heavy amount on, it only lasted around 6 hours on my cheeks. The formula in the pan feels silky but a little powdery at the same time although it may not be the same with other shades. It's quite blendable but I'll admit to owning better blushers than this.

The Urban Decay afterglow blushes are priced at £19 each with almost 7g of product which is quite affordable compared to some other mid range brands. Although steep for those who are used to drugstore items. Ultimately, I can still see myself trying out some other blushers.

The new Urban Decay summer nights range is currently available at Debenhams in the UK.

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  1. That colour really suits you Mish!