April 15, 2015

Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette Lookbook

Back when I reviewed the Chrysalis palette, I didn't manage to share any looks. Mostly because the lack of sunlight made for terrible photos. Although the palette may seem a bit crazy for some, you can get some wonderful everyday looks that won't have people staring at you as if a unicorn sharted all over your face.

The Daytime Smokey Eye - While I prefer my dark black panda like smokey eyes, it's not something I'm comfortable wearing to work on a daily basis. The alternative? A 'day' smokey eye where you substitute the darker shades for more subtle colours. I got this look by following this tutorial by a redditor. Although it's difficult to tell, I've actually used the blues in the palette to darken the crease.

The Hint of Colour Cut Crease - This one was inspired by the recent Cinderella movie (which disappointed me). I've done looks like this with boring shades, making it look like I have almost no eyeshadow on but replacing the crease colour and lower lash line colour with subtle purple shades make an interesting twist.

The Silver Eye Experiment - I've seen some seriously pretty silvery grey looks online recently and wanted to give it a go myself. Unfortunately, I found Black Milk (matte grey) to be the worst shadow out of them all. I found it way too too chalky and it needed a lot of building to work with my skin tone. 

Subtle Hint of Blue - This is pretty similar to the first look, the difference is I just added a bunch of blue on to the outer corner. It's a neat way to use up a few blue shadows as I find I tend to hoard loads of them and get little use out of them.

The Chrysalis palette has saved me from my long period of 50 shades of beige looks that I've been doing for work. Although there are blues in the palette that may seem ridiculous to wear for work, it's possible to still get some use out of them by blending it into the outer crease or blending it into purples to darken the crease. I'm hoping that I'll eventually be able to do a 2nd lookbook where all I have is more crazy looking looks. 


  1. such beautiful looks you have created! It makes me want to buy the palette!

    Annie | www.drugstoredreamer.blogspot.com

  2. Kat Von D has some of the most beautiful palettes but I feel she doesn't get enough positive attention. Her makeup line is fabulous!