April 05, 2015

5 Samples That Convinced Me To Buy The Whole Thing

If you have a makeup addiction problem, it's safe to bet that you have a whole drawer of beauty samples from multiple shopping sprees. For the most part, my samples tend to waste away in my drawers never to be touched again. Sometimes I'll use up a few only to decide that ultimately the sample just wasn't for me. However, on the rare occasion, I'll find a few gems. So I'm sharing 5 samples that convinced me to own the full sized product.

Urban Decay's Anti-Aging Eye Primer | The original Urban Decay primer has always performed well. It's only during this winter where I found it along with several other brands of eye primers didn't go well with my dry lids. The Anti-Ageing primer is the only one that I find doesn't dry my lids out even more. I'd even say it slightly improves it's condition.

Lolita Lempika Perfume | My relationship with perfumes? Get one on sale and use the entire thing up before purchasing another. I barely use them but I fell in love with this sample and for the first time in my life I now own two fragrances at the same time. It's the first perfume that seemed to have started off the brand. It smells of liquorice, vanilla and vetiver with top notes of ivy, violet and anise. Not only does it smell lovely but the whimsical packaging makes it a lovely accessory to the dressing table.

Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks | I originally tried out this sample from Sephoras Give Me More Lip set and although I got along with the formula I wasn't sure about the pink. Luckily, around the same time Kat Von D added a bunch of new shades to the liquid lipstick range and since I already knew the formula was lovely, I just went for it.

Clinique Moisturiser | I've already raved pretty hard about this moisturiser. It's the only moisturiser that seems to work for my sensitive skin. I've had bad reactions to several in the past but this fragrance free moisturiser is the only thing that helps soothe my eczema prone skin. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | This is a bit of a cheat as I already intended on buying it but I walked to a counter and asked for a colour match and a sample to see how I'd get along with it first. I did find it a little too thick so I  mixed it with my Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation and noticed a significant improvement on skin coverage and even had a few compliments when I first began using it.

Have you had the same thing happen to you? Which samples did you love?


  1. I love the perfume you're talking about, the fragrance is just amazing, I think this is my favorite perfume of all time :)

  2. Amazing pictures can I just say wow!

  3. Since I live in America, we have Sephora where we can pretty much get a sample or a travel size to try at home before buying it. I love this ability because I've sampled so many foundations and didn't love any of them until I decided to just go back to my holy grail.