March 09, 2015

Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer in Petra

It seems as though the only colours I'll paint my nails these days have muted tones. During my France getaway, I decided I didn't already have enough nail polishes and splurged on a Marc Jacobs one. For someone who decided they're no longer spending any money on nail polishes, I chose a silly one to go for as there are many drugstore brands offer decent quality polishes.

It didn't seem as though the Sephora stores in France actually had the entire Marc Jacobs nail polish range when I visited. Since I already owned dupes for all the colorful options they had. The general nudes they had really didn't appeal to me. They all just looked like natural nail colouring, the kind of colour I just wouldn't bother ever using. Petra's dirty bronze metallic shimmer stood out to me quite quickly. It's a versatile shade that I feel is acceptable at work, would go well with henna and my biker gloves.

As per usual the polish packaging is what lured me in. I love how sleek it feels and the unique shape it has. It's a little difficult to remove the lid. I was surprised to find the applicator wasn't attached to the lid but it did make for easier application.

Usually I find any nail polish with flecks of glitter, sparkle or shimmer tend to last reasonably well. However, I was disappointed with the wear time of Petra. Admittedly, I didn't apply a top coat as I've run out. However, I found chipping began within 48 hours of wear time and in three days time the nail polish on the tips of almost every single nail had faded. On the plus side, I found it dried quite quickly.

While I adore the colour, I'm sad to say that quality wise, the Marc Jacobs polish let me down. It's all about the packaging with an ok formula, but I expected more for a high end brand. You can purchase one for $18 on Sephora.


  1. It's a pretty shade! Shame about the wear time
    Speckled Beauty Blog

  2. Hey did you know that ships to the UK?

    1. Yup, I did. They've been shipping to the UK before Sephora US have. :)