March 11, 2015

Lime Crime Drama & Not a Venus Palette Review

I've had this Lime Crime Venus palette review in my drafts for a while now. I was planning on just publishing it as just a review with a tutorial but having read some of the horrid stories on the #limecrimelies and #boycottlimecrime hashtags on Instagram, I can't with good conscious just go ahead and review it. If you haven't already heard, Lime Crime's website had a major security breach. Buyers have had large sums of money deducted from their credit cards and some of them have suffered from identity theft too.

I've known for a while about Lime Crime's dodgy history and did believe there was some element of truth to it. It didn't take much convincing that they weren't all unicorns and rainbows as I never got a sense of amiableness between them and other brands. Anyway as most things seemed to have happened years ago, I gave them a pass and thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, people can change right?

Unfortunately this recent cock-up is the final nail on the coffin. After reading stories of people who have been affected, I just feel ill looking at my collection and mentally calculating how much money I've given to Lime Crime. I do find it awfully convenient that Lime Crime pulled stock from UK and Australian suppliers shortly before this incident. I'm still unsure if I believe that Lime Crime actually stole from their own customers like some seem to, I just can't imagine anyone performing such a reckless act to their own business.

While I can't say I plan on binning all my Lime Crime products, I'll definitely be downsizing the collection. I'd already decided that I wouldn't be purchasing from Lime Crime when they pulled their stock from local suppliers as I just didn't trust their site. I'm glad I've not been tempted to do otherwise. For now, I can't imagine a way they could redeem themselves. So I'll no longer be purchasing anything from them.

As for the palette, while the quality is good, I was disappointed by how dull shades like Muse and Venus turned out on my skin tone. However, if your skin is lighter than medium, it'll probably apply deep. These reddy brown shades were the shades that I bought this palette for too. While the other shades performed well, they're not unique and easily dupable.

If you want to know more about the Lime Crime scandal, you can check out the #limecrimelies and #boycottlimecrime tags on Instagram & Twitter. You can learn even more about the owner's dodgy history at OhDearDoeDeere.


  1. Completely agree. I was lime crimes biggest fan, always giving them the benefit of the doubt and defending their actions for the sake of "its just make up!". But this is just too shady to comprehend so they won't be getting anymore of my money. I just hope Sugarpill start releasing more shades to keep me occupied haha!

  2. I can't believe the way Doe has treated her customers. Some of the things she's done (eg calling customers assholes, holding a charity fundraiser and keeping the money for herself) is appalling and it's a wonder she still has a business. They've known about the credit card hacking for months and deleted comments on instagram and blocked people so no one would see it. It was only when they could no longer keep up with the stream of people commenting that they had lost money that they admitted what had happened. Awful company, never ever buying from them again.

  3. I was very disappointed too, I had been hoping all the shady business was in the past! I'm also not buying from them again.

  4. Yeah Lime Crime have a long history of being a bit dodgy (starting with the early repackaging drama back when I first heard about the brand). They are one of a very few indies I will point blank refuse to buy from regardless of cost. But it was so rarely worth mentioning it as they have such a cult following. I'm sorry for everyone hit by the latest drama though, it's really bad.

    Totally agree with you on not binning your current stuff though. No point wasting makeup and LC already have the money.

  5. I've looking into Lime Crime's past since it all came out a year or two again and since then I've been put off buying their products... Even though I loved the look of some of their shades and lipsticks.

    This being said, I won't ever buy any of their products. They're just a shit company and the way they have treated their fans, as well as make up artists in the past and present is appalling!

  6. I've not been to your blog in ages, sorry! :O
    I am too scared to buy from them. It was already something I was umming and aahing about because of the cost, but now I just can't risk it. It's sad the way they dealt with it, they could have turned it around near the beginning I think, if they'd only acknowledged the problem.