March 06, 2015

Dupes | MAC Rebel Lipstick VS Sleek's Smother

The first MAC lipstick that ever piqued my interest was MAC's Rebel lipstick. I first came across it in one of Jess' outfit of the day posts and needed to know what colour it was. It wasn't until recently that I took the plunge and purchased it. Shortly after, I came across a perfect affordable and cruelty-free dupe by Sleek Makeup. So how did it compare against Rebel?

Lip Swatch - Sleek's Smother on the left & MAC Rebel on the right
Arm Swatch - MAC Rebel on the left & Sleeks Smother on the right

I've tested both of these lipsticks a bunch of times and honestly couldn't decide which I liked better as they were too similar in lasting power, performance and colour. In the end, I had to just apply the two on each half of my lips to decide!

Color wise, you can tell that Sleek's Smother is slightly darker. However when applied side by side, it's barely noticeable. If it does bother you though, you can always just apply a lighter layer. Neither of the two are matte, with Smother having a Sheen finish and Rebel a Satin finish.

The only difference in quality that I found was when I applied Sleek's Smother on a bit thick. It would settle into lip cracks but with either your fingers or a lip brush, you can easily swipe it away. I found the two lasted around the same time. Both were quite pigmented for at least 4 hours before fading down to a stain effect.

Price wise in the UK at least, a MAC lipstick now costs £15.50 and it only seems to go higher every few months. You also get 3g of product while Sleek's lipstick offers 3.5g for £4.99. Since they're stocked in Boots and Superdrug too, you can probably get it during a 3 for 2 offer.

Ultimately, I would definitely recommend Sleek's Smother lipstick over MAC's Rebel. The quality is almost on par with MAC at a third of the price.

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  1. What a great dupe! :D