February 08, 2015

Urban Decay Scorpio Moodust Smokey Eyes

Last week, I was kindly invited to Selfridges to check out the new Urban Decay spring collection. It features a powder foundation range with 14 shades, 8 new concealer, a mascara, sheer lipsticks in gorgeous purple packaging and, what I consider the show stoppers, 4 new moondust eyeshadow shades. Out of the 4 new shades, there were two that really stuck out to me and surprisingly the purple wasn't one of them. If I didn't already own Illamasqua's Beguile light shimmer pure pigment, I would have purchased Cosmic instead. Cosmic was a glorious soft metallic white shadow packed with iridescent 3D sparkle. So instead, I decided to try out Scorpio.

Left with flash, Right natural lighting | Left swatch applied wet, Right dry over no primer

Scorpio is a stunning black matte with gold 3-D sparkle. The moondust range contains microfine bits of iridescent sparkle mixed with intense hues and 3-D metallics giving a gorgeous diamond like effect. I do have a black Inglot shadow that contains golden sparkles in the pan but once applied the sparkles disappear almost entirely. With Scorpio, I was expecting the shimmer to have faded or fallen out after a while during a windy day. Thankfully, after over 12 hours of wear, everything was still in place and there was still a lot of shimmer left on the eyes when it came to removing it all at the end of a long night.

To create this look, I actually used a few shadows from the Urban Decay Vice Limited palette. I used anonymous (pale cream) in the brow bone area as a highlight then applied laced (soft pink nude) into the crease. Next, I blended backdoor (dark brown) on the lid into perversion (soft black). I finished the look by patting down the moondust Scorpio all over the lid. I had a lot of fallout when applying this as I really wanted to make sure it was as shimmery as possible.

The entire new Urban Decay spring collection is already out online in most places. You can pick up a Moondust eyeshadow for £14 at Selfridges.

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  1. Scorpio Moondust looks gorgeous! I love black shadow that has shimmer in it because it makes a smokey eye really pop.