February 20, 2015

Milani Romantic Rose Powder Blush

This month I've been trying to keep away from makeup purchases until my trip to France, however, I made the mistake of stopping by Cocktail Cosmetics the other day. Each time I walk into that store, I just can't help myself, I need to pick up a little something. Recently, they've been introducing a lot of new brands to the store. Of all of them, it was drugstore brand, Milani Cosmetics, that excited me the most as they're quite popular in the US.

Of all the items available in store, it was this 'too pretty to use' Milani Rose blush that caught my eye. I opted to play it safe by going for one of the safer shades out of the 6 they had available. The blush mostly comes in shades of pink and corals. I went for Romantic Rose which is a lovely subtle, dusty rose shade.

This is one of those blushers whose design makes it unbearable to use. You want to preserve it rather than make a mark on it and I can see why it's been designed that way, it's not got the best formula. I found I had to dig my brush a bit into the pan and even then, when applying it felt like nothing was transferring to my cheek. After a bit of building though, I eventually managed to get some colour on. I've intentionally not included any finger swatches because I felt like it'd be too misleading. Nothing showed up on my fingers when I tried to do a quick arm swatch without a lot of building.

When I tried to swatch this, I also noticed that the texture was dry and powdery, making it my first porblematic blush. Aside from that, the blush does tend to fade after a few hours, despite having layered on a lot of product on the cheek.

As all the products were sealed and there were no testers available in store so it was a gamble purchase. I definitely do wish I had done some more research before my impulse purchase. Even though it's just £6.50, I can't imagine myself getting much use from this as it lacks quality.

Do you rate Milani cosmetics? What do you recommend I try out by them?

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  1. That blush looks so pretty, and your photos are stunning :)