February 03, 2015

Lime Crime Eyeshadow Brightener VS NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Over the last few months, I may have named NYX's jumbo pencils as holy grail worthy. However, when Lime Crime announced their own eyeshadow brightener, in a cream format, I was rather intrigued by it. White cream bases aren't anything new, but they're often sold in little pots as opposed to the primer tube form that Lime Crime went for. After experimenting with it for a while, I thought I'd compare it to NYX's jumbo pencil in Milk.

Quality & Performance
Ultimately both products give you the same results. When you blend both of them out, you'll get the same intensity from the two. However, when you try and apply a thick layer of NYX's Jumbo Pencil, it often ends up a crumbly mess, feels heavy on the lid and creases. It's not impossible to use though, the key is layering but when I'm pressed for time I find Lime Crime's eye brightener is significantly easier to use. All you need to do is use a bit more product and the creaminess of the formula allows easy blending. I found it almost impossible to blend with NYX's jumbo pencil when it came to using a few poorer quality shadows.
Winner - Lime Crime

I tested out how long lasting the two were by applying both of them on separate lids. I found when blending the two out to a thin layer, the two lasted roughly the same amount of time. However, when it came to heavy layering, Lime Crime's eye brightener definitely lasted longer and may have caused a bit of staining. It also required extra work to remove.
Winner - Lime Crime

At £5, NYX's Jumbo Pencil is a clear winner compared to Lime Crime's brightener which would cost you £13.50. While you don't need a lot of product with Lime Crime's eye brightener, I still feel as though the Jumbo Pencil would last longer. Especially considering how when it came to squeezing out product from the tube, I felt like there was a lot of air in the tube and it wasn't completely full.
Winner - NYX

While technically Lime Crime performs better, I'd say only go for it if you're willing to spend the extra money or if you have difficulty using NYX's jumbo pencil. Ultimately, NYX's Milk will still get the job done and you can easily get it for half the price. If you tend to wear bright looks quite often, it might be worth investing in the eye brightener as it feels a lot creamier on the lids.

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  1. Merci pour la découverte !

  2. Great review! I bought the Lime Crime brightener, really hoping it would be a crease-free NYX Milk but unfortunately I get creasing with both, although used over another primer, like the UDPP, they both stay crease-free and provide about the same colour intensity.


  3. They both sound lovely! I've never tried anythign from Lime Crime before so would love to give them a go!

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