January 02, 2015

MUA Matte Lipstick in Wild Berry*

I've almost never come across a well stocked MUA stand, which comes as no surprise considering how affordable they are. I admit the cheap price has actually put me off bothering with any of their products. It wasn't until they came out with their Luxe range that I decided to try out any of their products, but that's a post for another day. Today, I'm trying out the closest thing to a 'vampy' shade in MUA's £1 matte lipstick range.

One of the coolest things that a lot of people don't seem to know about the MUA Matte lipsticks is that the bottom of the lipstick packaging isn't just there to show you what colour it is. It actually twists off and has product that you can dip a lip brush in to, which is rather impressive for a £1 lipstick. I definitely think pricier brands should do the same.

I was expecting the lipstick to apply very dark on the lips considering how dark the bullet is. With just one swipe, it applies like a rather nude but with heavy layering, it builds up to a subtle berry shade as pictured above. It's a rather disappointing colour as I find even my Sephora lip balm can be built to a more intense shade. When I tried using a lip brush with the twistable pot, I got an even less intense finish.

It doesn't last especially long on its own and will fade immediately after a meal. It'll fade in about an hour or two unless you use a lipliner to prolong wear. Most of it fades evenly but I always find it'll sink into random cracks in the lips making it seem as though my lips were bleeding. For a matte lipstick it's definitely not drying and when applying it felt a lot like a balm.

I definitely feel like the only reason I'm not incredibly disappointed with this lipstick is because of the price. Had this been a mid-range or luxury lipstick I would have told you not to bother spending your money on it. However, I'm somebody who's used to wearing bold lipsticks. If you're somebody who's so far only worn very natural makeup and have found bold lipsticks too scary to try, I'd suggest this as a gateway colour. Alternatively, if you had a sibling/child/whoever who you thought was too young to be wearing intense makeup, this would be a suitable compromise.

*Product was included in a goodie bags at an event for consideration. No other compensation was made.
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  1. Looks very light on your lips but still lovely :) pretty good for the price!

  2. Shame about the pigmentation! It looks like it would apply super vampy so that's a little disappointing. Great review! x
    Speckled Beauty

  3. It looks very light on your lips, but still a lovely color on you. You look amazing.