January 20, 2015

MAC Keepsakes All About Beige Palette Multi Winged Eyeshadow Tutorial

One of my favourite looks of the last few months was one I created using the MAC Keepsakes All About Beige eyeshadow palette. It's not the most colourful look but it's a subtle one with a twist that I enjoy wearing to work when I make the time to do my face. The colors I've used in this look are all the matte shades in the palette. This palette was limited edition but the colours are definitely not unique. If you wanted to replicate this look with another palette, the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette should be an excellent (and cruelty-free) alternative.

1. Prime your lids. If you have a Naked2 Basics palette, you probably won't need a white base but as MAC matte shadows tend to be a pain, I used a white base on my lids.

2. Whenever I do this look, I prefer starting from bottom to top. I used a flat defining brush with a blackened brown eyeshadow (Night Whisper) and applied it along the lower lash line and swiped it towards the side to create the lower wing.

3. Next, I used the same brush with a soft egg shadow (Her Mistress) and swiped it above the lower wing off the corner of the eye.

4. I then used a muted beige taupe shadow (Omega) to apply all over the lid.

5. Next, I took a soft blending and crease brush to blend a muted plum brown shadow (Mystery) in to the crease.

6. I found I had a bit of fallout while blending in the brown shadow into the crease, so to fix and define the cut crease a bit, I reapplied the lid colour (Her Mistress) on to the lid.

7. Eyeliner time! I added the typical go to winged liner (black liquid liner) making sure the wing was on the edge of the eyeshadow placed on the crease. I also used a dark brown pencil liner (Urban Decay Darkside in the Naked 3 double ended pencil) on to the lower waterline.

8. Finish the look with some mascara/false lashes and filling in the brows. I also had to clean up any leftover white base with concealer.


  1. I agree with you that MAC matte shadows are a pain. I prefer Sleek for matte eye shadows.

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