January 04, 2015

5 Beauty Resolutions for 2015

You know, I've never seriously done any new years resolutions before. Only in the last few years did I have goals that I very seriously wanted to get done eventually, so basically a lot of long term goals. While there are a lot of non beauty related goals to check off this year and the next, I thought I'd share my beauty specific ones that I'd like to finally do.

Spend less on makeup
I tend to not share much of my personal life on here but I've been working 2 jobs over the Christmas period in central Birmingham. I'd be in town pretty much 7 days a week, surrounding myself with so much temptation. So over the last few weeks, I admit to have 'treated myself' way too many times. I genuinely have no idea how much I have been spending either, so I'm starting to record the ridiculous amount of money I've been spending on makeup and hope the numbers make me stop.

Clean Brushes At Least Twice A Month
Yeah, I know in reality I'm meant to be aiming for a weekly brush cleaning, but ain't nobody got the time for that. Thanks to my wonderful Koren Zander pro brush soap I have been cleaning them significantly more often than I used to but not often enough.

Master Mascara
I hate mascara, I can't ever seem to get it to apply well though and always seem to end up with thin spider lashes. It doesn't help that I'll often ruin my eyeshadow by getting mascara on my lid. It all gets worse when I try to remove it but just end up spreading black mascara all over my face instead. However, practice makes perfect, so I'm definitely not going to improve by avoiding it.

Gain Confidence Applying Makeup On Others
I've had a few people ask me to do their makeup for special events in the past but always said no because obviously I've no previous experience doing so. I'm not going to ruin their evening by doing a bad job as it'd be my first try. I'm kind of one step ahead already on this one as I've put down a deposit for a makeup artistry course, so hopefully, I'll be using my friends as guinea pigs during those months and get over it.

Improve Skin By Eating Better 
Yeah this is a rather typical one, however, I don't want to eat better to lose a bajillion pounds, I just want to improve the condition of my skin. I've definitely noticed this year that what you eat does show up on the skin. So this year, I just want to make sure I'm at least eating my greens.


  1. And you have one more new years resolution: To keep blogging! I've just found you and LOVE your blog and the style of it, it appeals to me very much. Yay!

  2. Tip for mascara removal: wait for it to dry on your lid and then use a cotton wool bud/q-tip to gently wipe it away. It stops the smudgy black mess and pretty much leaves eyeshadow intact :)