December 29, 2014

Top 5 Palettes of 2014

By the end of last year and into the new year, it seemed as though I was done with eyeshadow hoarding ways. However, it seems like the only thing that was holding me back was lack of funds as by the end of 2014 I had my eye on almost every single new palette that brands were releasing. Since I actually bought way too many palettes, I'm actually able to only feature ones that launched this year. Fingers crossed this won't be a habit I carry on with next year.

Urban Decay Electric Palette | Before this released, I had definitely gotten into the rut of only applying lipstick and generic eyeliner. It had also been a fair few months since I last really played around with eyeshadow. Once this palette was available in the UK, I instantly rushed into town to get it. Although, it's not the most wearable to some, the bright rainbow goodness of the electric palette deserves a number one spot for rekindling my love for eyeshadow. It's also worth mentioning that the pigmentation of these colours are insane.

MAC Bloody Brilliant Palette | I think the fact that I mentioned this in my most disappointing list and in this shows how much of a love hate relationship I have with this palette. I thought this deserved a place on here because it was one of my tamer eyeshadow purchases in a long while. I learned that just because the eyeshadow colours in a palette aren't neon bright or super colourful, you can still achieve some dramatic looks.

Kat Von D's Chrysalis Palette | Aside from the amazing butterfly artwork on the cardboard packaging, the quality of almost all of the eyeshadows in this palette are excellent. It's a great way to wear colour in a more subtle way and you can create some surprisingly vampy looks with it too. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the choice of colours in the larger pan as they're meant to be 'base' shades but they are way too pale for me.

NARS And God Created the Woman | This was an impulse purchase but I had been meaning to replace my first eyeshadow palette which I'd use to to create a dark smokey eye. I had also been lusting after NARS eyeshadows for a while but as the single shadows cost £18, I never took the leap until I saw this palette in all it's glittery wonder. I was expecting to be disappointed by it but they were exceptionally pigmented. The palette is tiny which makes it excellent to just throw into your handbag if you're on a day trip or between work and an evening out.

Urban Decay Vice Limited Palette | When people originally saw the Vice LTD palette online, a lot of people were quick to assume it was a fake. Yet it did end up appearing on the Sephora website for a short while and was available in Selfridges here in the UK. The shadows online seemed boring and it might not be the most colourful palette but when I saw it in store, I fell in love with all of the shimmery, glitter finishes most of the shadows had. I'm unsure if it'll be possible to get this anymore, but you may be lucky to find one at one of the stand alone Urban Decay boutiques in either London or California.


  1. Such beautiful palettes!

  2. Lovely palettes! I wish I had gotten hold of the urban decay palette!
    Speckled Beauty

  3. Amazing palettes, they are all so pretty.

  4. I can't believe I still haven't bought the Electric's so up my alley, too!

  5. You have some really gorgeous palettes there. I dont think Im brave enough to wear the shades in The Urban Decay Electric palette, but they are beautiful colours.