December 05, 2014

Favourite 5 Nail Polishes of 2014

Since it's December, I thought it'd be a good idea to finish the year with a couple of favourites of 2014 posts. As I've drastically cut down how much I spend on nail polishes, I don't specifically mean polishes released this year but general favourites regardless of the year they released. 

Revlon's Parfumerie Polish in Autumn Spice was the first polish out of the entire Parfumerie range that caught my eye. It's a gorgeous dark brown shade with bronze shimmer, the perfect combination of dark and glitzy. While the spicey scent is a hit or miss, I found it almost energising. But, most importantly of all, the polish applies so well, it's almost a one-coater.

Picture Polish's Imperial has been great for nail art or just on it's own. I actually own two nail polishes by the brand but keep neglecting the other shade for Imperial's hex glitters. It screams indie, unique nail polish and it's an awesome bright in your face purple. 

Barry M Gel Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Blue Grape originally released last year and for some reason I've still not gotten around to reviewing my mini hi-shine collection. I suppose because everybody has been raving about them and I pretty much have nothing unique to say about them aside from I loved them last year and still do. Blue Grape is a glorious bright royal blue.

Illamasqua's Melange was part of their Sacred Hour collection. It was their only collection this year that caught my interest and Melange was definitely the centrepiece of it. It's a wonderful teal with flecks of gold. It's easily one of the most beautiful and unique polishes I own.

Urban Decay's Blackheart has been a surprising favourite, it's also impossible to capture it's complexity. It's a smoky 'greige' with red and multi-coloured shimmer and a gunmetal feel to it. Blackheart is my go to vampy polish as it seems to pair well with everything.
If it's not obvious, this year complex nail polishes have been a favourite for me. Have you tried any of these nail polishes? What are your current favourites? 

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  1. I love your picks! Melange is my favourite nail polish at the moment! X

  2. You have an amazing collection of rings!