November 26, 2014

Is it worth picking up Sephora's Give Me More Lip Set?

As someone who doesn't celebrate really Christmas, I admit I love indulging in all the commercial holiday gift sets and limited edition makeup items anyway. Since it's that time of the year and the new 2014 edition of the lip set has already released, I thought I'd finally weigh in my thoughts on last year's Sephora Give Me More Lip Set.

Reds - Kat Von D Adora, Hourglass Icon, MUFE, Bite Beauty
Pinks - KVD Backstge Bambi, Smashbox Gloss, Too Faced, Bare Minerals Never Say Never
Berries - Stila, Buxom, OCC Lip Tar, Tarte
Nudes - Stila, Buxom, Laura Mercier Gloss, Smashbox

In both this years and last year's set, the lip products are split into 4 colour families, reds, pinks, berries and nudes. It includes four varying lip products (glosses/lipsticks/liquid lipsticks) from each family and this year's includes a lip pencil as well. While most are sample sizes it also includes 5 full sized products. The minis allow for less commitment while also giving you the satisfying feeling of using up an item. The only problem with having such a big variety of products in a gift set is that while I did find myself loving a fair few shades, I also really disliked a fair few of them too, there's no guarantee you'll love them all.

 Personally, I had already planned on picking up a few items in last years set. The kat von d backstage bambi liquid lipstick, a too faced lipstick, an OCC lip tar, the Stila stay all day liquid lipstick and the hourglass liquid lipstick were all already on my wishlist. Ultimately, it was the ultimate opportunity to buy all those products in one go and get a bunch of extra samples as well.

While the mixture of minis and full sized products with different colours make it a great gift for both makeup newbies and addicts. If you have bought last years set are considering this one though, I wouldn't bother. In my opinion, there are too many similar-ish products, including Hourglass' Icon liquid lipstick and Buxom's Menace lipstick. They also include similar products from last year's but changed up the shades, such as Kat Von D's liquid lipstick and normal lipstick, Laura Mercier glosses, a Too Faced lipstick, a lip tar and a bare minerals lipstick. Unless there are specific shades you're excited about in this set, I wouldn't buy 2014's set as I own last years'.

One of my problems with the set is that it contained a few items that became discontinued shortly after. The Tarte lipstick was easily one of my favourites and the first product I managed to finish so it was such a shame that I can't ever pick up a full size version of it. 

If you'd like to see more indepth reviews of each of the products in the set, you can check out my review of the red, pink, berry, and nude colour families. The Sephora Give Me More Lip Set 2014 is still available on the Sephora website for $59.


  1. It looks like a lovely set, and would make a wonderful gift. I would only use the berries and the reds though!

  2. That's a good gift for someone, I like it very much.