October 15, 2014

Urban Decay's Vice LTD Palette

When the Vice 3 was announced I had hoped that Urban Decay had finally come out with a limited edition palette that I liked enough to part money with, however, I wasn't 100% sold on the colours I saw online. So when I discovered that Selfridges had a very limited stock of a Vice Limited Palette, I was excited to finally have found a palette with a gorgeous mixture of nudes and jewel tone shades and mattes, satin, metallic, glitter and shimmer finishes.

The palette comes with 20 shades of which the majority have been in previous limited edition Urban Decay palettes and a few of them were previously available as single shadows at one point. There are only three shades that are completely new to the brand in the palette as far as I'm aware, which are Disco, Floss and Hoodoo. So if you're a hardcore Urban Decay fan who's been collecting all their palettes, you may be okay to skip this one.

Nameless is a medium taupe satin. Backdoor is a cool dark brown matte, if I were to travel light, I could see myself using this shade for my brows or paired with a smoky eye. Deeper is a metallic medium bronze, disco is a pale metallic gold with iridescent glitter making it a gorgeous highlight or lid shade and heat is a warm bright metallic copper.

Crystal is a icy metallic blue with shimmer making it an excellent shadow to pair with Goddess, which is a deep blue with subtle micro glitter. Vaporize is a medium metallic grey taupe and floss is deep emerald with micro-glitter that required a bit of layering to get full coverage. Perversion is a soft matte black shadow which is somewhat disappointing as the eye pencil version of this is the blackest eyeliner I own, I'd hope for this to be the blackest black shadow I own too. Overall this is by far my favourite row, with shades perfect for creating a smoky eye.

Provocateur is a beautiful icy metallic pink with micro glitter. Hoodoo is a medium metallic violet with a subtle pink shift whereas Freakshow is a bright purple satin. Junkshow is a bright pink that reminds me of Savage from the electric palette but this has a satin finish more reminiscent of Jilted. Blitz is a bright in your face metallic gold.

Chase is a soft metallic bronze and easily the most pigmented shade in the palette. Last Sin is a gorgeous pale champagne with a shimmer finish. Roadstripe is an iridescent white with a blue violet shift that is impossible to capture on camera. Anonymous is a pale peachy cream matte, excellent for a matte highlight and Laced is a soft matte pink nude perfect to fake naked lids.

Overall, I love this palette and can definitely see myself taking this palette if I were to go on holiday. It has mattes, shimmer, nudes, colour, everything you need in a gorgeous lime green casing. At £42, it may not be in everybody's budget, but I'd rather spending that much money on a palette with 20 wonderfully pigmented shadows than a quad as some luxury brands do.

The major downside to this palette is how limited it is, I'm stunned that Urban Decay only released 1000 of these on the Sephora US site a while ago and in the UK it also had a very limited stock on the Selfridges site. Selfridges Birmingham had 300 in store, so if you're still interested I would contact Rose, the Selfridges Personal Beauty Shopper at Rose.gallagher@selfridges.co.uk.


  1. I purchased this as well, and it is simply beautiful.


  2. This is a limited edition palette from UD right? Do you know if it is still available in the market now?
    ~Pauline @ Urban Decay Philippines

    1. Yes it's a limited edition palette. It was re-released in America at Ulta in Jan and I've not heard of them re-releasing again. The only other place I'd say they might have it is in one of their independent stand alone stores in America =/ Otherwise you'll have to try ebay.