October 21, 2014

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette

It feels like it's been forever since Sugarpill released a non limited edition product that captured my attention. You would think the darker Cold Chemistry palette would have been right up my alley but it didn't appeal to me for some reason. Despite it's ultra girly pastelness, I knew I needed the Sparkle Baby palette after catching a glance of it at IMATs.

It's an odd time to release a pastel filled palette, but I'm certainly glad I didn't have to wait until spring to finally get my hands on this palette! The cute, kitten themed palette is true it's name as I only realised upon receiving this, all four shadows contain some form of sparkle or shimmer, with it being more obvious in some and subtle in other shades. Unlike the original quad palettes in the Sugarpill range, this palette comes with four shadows in a row rather than the 2x2 format, which I much prefer. I also love how the sparkle baby palette is less bulky than the older palettes.

 Kitten Parade is shimmery peach with an opulent golden sheen, similar to the rose gold of Nars Orgasm blush, I picture myself using this as a cheek highlight in future looks. Kitten Parade probably had the best pigmentation out of all four shades. Frostine is a frosty pastel lavender which makes for an excellent highlighter shade. Candycrush was a surprisingly pigmented glistening mint with a pearl finish. Hotsy Totsy is a magenta with subtle iridescent sparkle, I found it to be a more buildable shade, making it an excellent colour to pop onto your cheeks.

The shades are surpriginly well pigmented, I assumed it being a pastel palette I would have to rely on a white base but I managed to create a beautiful look with the palette with just an eye primer. I started off by adding Hotsy Totsy into the crease, popped Kitten Parade on the lid, used Frostine to highlight and used Candyrush on the lower lash line. I finished the look by adding Violet Voss' Copperella glitter on the lid and applied some eyeliner. If you wanted to center a look around Frostine though, I would use a white base but with the other shades, I found using Fyrinnae's pixie epoxy was the best tool to make these shades really pop.

The adorable Sugarpill palette is available on the Sugarpill site for $34 and the singles are $12 each. If you're in the UK, you can purchase it online from CuteCosmetics or walk in store at Cocktail Cosmetics for £24.95 or get the singles for £8.95.


  1. Lovely colours, just out of curiosity do you never wear mascara?

    1. Mascara is one of those things I tend to struggle with and tend to avoid, I find I just end up with spider lashes all the time. Feel free to recommend one though!