October 12, 2014

Illamasqua Vintage Metallix Review

When I headed instore to check out Illamasqua's Once collection, I was determined to only pick up their gorgeous Melange nail polish. However, when brand ambassador Zoe applied their newly formulated cream eyeshadows, the vintage metallix range, on my eyes I loved how complex the shades looked that I ended up purchasing Bibelot and Embellish. Eventually I decided to catch them all and purchased the 3rd shade, Courtier, a couple days later.

Left to Right : Bibelot, Courtier, Embellish

The descriptions on the Illamasqua store do not give these shades justice. They've gone ahead and described Bibelot, Embellish and Courtier as vintage green, vintage brown and vintage nude. In reality, all three shades are far more complex, Bibelot is a olive green khaki shade infused with gold shimmer while Embellish is a rich cocoa shade packed with fine bronze gold shimmer and Courtier is a nude dusky rose which also contains some fine glitter.

Courtier was the only shade that interested me when I saw original online swatches but it was actually the last one I was convinced to purchase and the least used of the three. I mostly use it as a highlight but will occasionally use it all over the lid with eyeliner. Bibelot was the shade that convinced me I needed at least one of the new cream eyeshadows and I ended up purchasing Embellish on a whim. I found it very difficult to capture how complex these two cream shadows are in real life, I find Courtier pictures better although in real life it's semi-sheer whilst Bibelot and Embellish don't picture as well and are incredibly pigmented.

You can apply these with a brush but I prefer just dipping my fingers into the pot and blending it on to my lids. You can build the vintage metallix for higher pigmentation or blend it out as a highlight. Although I've yet to do it, you can also use them as eyeliner. I found all three to be incredibly long lasting especially as I never bother using eye primer when using these. I've worn Embellish for work and the makeup is still perfectly in place by the time I return home. 

Overall, these cream eyeshadows are amazing, both in quality and finish. I've not been using anything on my eyes except for these since purchasing them and hope Illamasqua release more equally gorgeous shades in the future. At £16.50 each, it may not be affordable for most but I definitely recommend picking one of these up.

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