October 09, 2014

10 Palettes I'm Lusting After

Last year seemed to be the year that I couldn't stop myself from purchasing lipsticks. Recently, I can't seem to stop myself from adding a lot of palettes to the wishlist. The only thing stopping me from buying them all is the fact that I know I already own a lot of eyeshadows. So here are the 10 palettes I've currently been eyeing up.

While I'm not a fan of Christmas items being released in October, I have no issues with all the Holiday beauty items being released. My current favourite item that's recently released is Kat Von D's Star Studded Eyeshadow Book. Her shadows are generally quite high quality and well pigmented but this one seems to have a few mixed reviews.

I've never cared for full face palettes before but because of my Illamasqua obsession, I'm quite curious about this one. It's nice to see Illamasqua come out with a different style palette as I wasn't a big fan of their small quads. As I already own so much Illamasqua, I'll probably be passing on these palettes because I already own some of the shadows and blushes to spend £45. The Facets collection will officially be available for purchase sometime tomorrow.

Sugarpill have been teasing their Sparkle Baby collection for well over a year now, after a long wait, their new pastel eyeshadow palette has finally released and is available on the Sugarpill website. It's their first collection in a while that's really captured my interest. 

Ever since the recent Selfridges Discovery Evening, I've had my eye on Shu Uemura's Brave Beauty collections' eye palettes which come in a range of green, orange or pink shadows. Out of all three, it's the green palette that's captured my attention the most.

I've only recently taken the plunge and tried out a few Too Faced items, over summer they released a rock themed palette and a country palette and although it's incredibly gimmicky, I needed the Rock N Roll palette. However, it's currently exclusive to Too Faced US and Ulta.

Stila's eyes are the window palettes are beautifully packaged and come in 4 different shades, the body, the mind, the soul and the spirit palette. Three out of the four are mostly nude based with the fourth offering some colour.

Despite owning Kat Von D's Chrysalis palette and generally not being a fan of nude palettes, Kat Von D's Monarch palette is the only 'nude' palette that I've ever been willing to part money for.

When Victoria put up her blog review on Lunatick Labs repackaged coffin palettes, I stopped dismissing the indie brand and took a serious look on their website. What's great about the brand is that if you don't like any of the ready made palettes, you can build your own by choosing whichever colours intrigues you the most.
I'm a terrible person and have a habit of judging palettes for their packaging. I really dislike the look of the Vice 3 packaging but love the shades, so when I found out that Selfridges Birmingham had a limited edition Vice palette in stock, I instantly favoured it over the Vice 3. 

Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the packaging with these palettes, what draws me to Charlotte Tilbury's palettes are how gorgeous the eyeshadows in their pans are. Their online photos don't do them justice at all, the only reason I've not yet purchased on of the quads is because I want a different palette each time I look at them.

Do you have any of these palettes? Would you recommend/warn against any?


  1. That Vice 3 palette looks way different than the Vice 3 I have! I wonder if they have different palettes out. Either way, I love the Vice 3!


    1. Ha, I must suck at reading right now. Anyways, the one you posted looks nice! I wish we had different versions here in the states!

  2. The Monarch Palette is absolutely amazing! I purchased it a few months back and its something that I am constantly using!

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    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3 & Bloglovin'

  3. I am head over heels for the SparkleBaby palette. Frostine, the lavender shade, is one of the most unique in my collection. LOVE them :-)