September 02, 2014

Geek Chic Cosmetics Single Player Shadows

As I've been taking my time to review my Geek Chic Cosmetics shadows, including the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who inspired collection, I plan on blitzing through the rest. Aside from today's set, I only have 1 last collection to go through which is discontinued (that's what I get for taking too long to review products). Today's shadows are from their single player collection, which is comprised of shadows that were too popular to discontinue whenever they discontinue an entire collection.

Faithful Student, Everybody Lies, Riddle Me This, Princess In Distress

Faithful Student (discontinued) is described as a rich deep navy blue that leans purple and has a touch of red sparkle in it. I'll be using this sparingly as I'm gutted it's now discontinued.

Everybody Lies is a blackened jewel-toned emerald packed with shimmer, it applies best with a wet base. Although this looks nothing like it does on the website, it's my favourite shade of the 4. That said, I love all 4 of these and don't have a least favourite as they all perform brilliantly.

Riddle Me This (discontinued) is described as a seafoam green with violet highlights that sparkle with a purple holographic glitter but I struggle to notice any purple/violet hints or sparkle in it. It's super pigmented, blends wonderfully and comes off as a minty green colour on my skin tone.

Princess In Distress is a soft pink with rainbow sparkles and is based on Princess Peach. It's a lovely multi-use colour as it's lip safe, so can be mixed with a gloss or dabbed on to the cheeks.

This look is rather similar to the look I created with my Timey Wimey shadows as again, I wanted to stick to using only the 4 shadows in the collection for one look. I started off by blending in Riddle Me This (seafoam green) into my crease then applied and blended Everybody Lies (emerald) on the lid into the crease. Next, I used Princess in Distress (soft pink) on the brow bone, Faithful Student (dark blue-purple) all over the lower lash line and finished with eyeliner. 

The products in this review are only sample sizes and cost $1.25 whilst a full sized tubs cost $5.99. Although the samples are a more cost effective way to trial all the Geek Chic Cosmetics shadows you're interested in, the clamshells aren't easy to work with and I find each time I shut them they cause a little eyeshadow cloud so I lose a little product.

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