September 04, 2014

Elf Ariel Bronzer Set

After missing out on the Sephora Ariel collection, I was really glad to hear that ELF came out with an affordable range based on her. Whilst I'm not as Disney obsessed as I once was, for some reason I still have a soft spot for the Little Mermaid. The collection, which launched back in June, includes a beauty book, false eyelashes, makeup brushes, makeup bags, an eyeshadow set, a bronzer set and a lip colour set. I ended up picking up the bronzer set and a cosmetic bag. 

Swatches from Left to Right - Mixed, Bronzer Only, Gold Shimmer Only

The bronzer set comes with a mini kabuki brush and a beautifully packaged bronzer compact. So far the Ariel watercolour print on the lid hasn't faded at all. I also love how the embossed elf logo pops through the clear lid. The base of the bronzer is a matte bronze tan which applied somewhat dry and the splotches of gold provide the shimmer and adds a bit of radiance.

Although you could use the two shades separately, I find the bronze tan bits not pigmented enough on it's own to apply and prefer the final finish. The bronzer contains ingredients such as jojoba, rose, sunflower, apricot and grapes, which are all meant to hydrate your skin.

This is the first time I've tried anything in the ELF range, but I've generally heard positive things about their brushes. The brush had several frayed strands and it feels rather rough and spikey on the skin. It also didn't really pick up much product either so I do wish that they had included a nicer brush as I avoid using this one at all, particularly due to how uncomfortable it feels.

All in all, it's kind of hard to complain about as these originally sold for $5 each in America. If you weren't able to pull in any favours from people in the states and are still desperate to try any of the Disney elf range, I'd recommend trying out eBay.


  1. Wow they are so cute! Wish they had them here! C:

  2. Aww gorgeous! Shame this isn't available anymore, I would have loved the make up bag. :')