August 28, 2014

Top 5 Beauty Products Under £5

Whilst I don't really own a lot of affordable/drugstore makeup, I have even fewer that I consider to be amazing quality. That said, I finally have enough for a top 5 under £5 post. I've decided against including indie cosmetics because they're less accessible and also because it would be too difficult to pinpoint specific shades as they're too many to chose from. However, I'll probably do an indie version of this in the future.

MUA Blushers £1 each I've always been put off by the price of MUA blushers (strange how something being too affordable can do that). However, after receiving 2, I found I quite liked them despite them not being long-lasting, they are pigmented and you get a decent amount of product for the price. I also found these required less building than certain Sleek blushers do.

Sleek Matte Me in Purple Fandango £4.99 I originally purchased three of these but ended up only keeping purple fandango as I get a lot of use out of it and never touched the other two shades. If you try any of the Sleek Matte Me range I'd recommend sticking to the bolder colours rather than the neutrals.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint £3 each Out of all of Barry M's nail polish finishes, their Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint range to be my favourite. I find they last longer both on the nails and in the bottle than their regular range. They're the only drugstore polish I've tried that I love enough to not get rid of.

Barry M Eyeliners £2.99 - £4.59 Whilst I've already discussed my holy grail pencil eyeliner recently, I mentioned it's rather expensive. So on months where I need to spend a little less, I will go and pick up a Barry M eyeliner. For a black eye pencil, I'll go for their kohl pencil. I purchased their waterproof precision liquid eyeliner for my spider queen halloween look as I didn't want to waste expensive liquid liner on my body. I only wish these two were darker though.

Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Pot £2.99 These nail polish remover pots that a lot of drugstore brands have been coming out with have made my life significantly easier. Gone are the days of having to scrub off my nail polish with a cotton pad doused in acetone. All you need to do is place your fingers in the acetone covered sponge inside the tub and twirl your finger around for a couple of seconds and you're done!

What are your favorite makeup products for under £5? Feel free to recommend a few.


  1. Love the Barry M polishes! And the liners, after a disaster with an emerald green one I got the black glittery one and it's awesome.

  2. I recently just bought my first Barry M gelly's from the Autumn collection and I love them so far! I was so put off by the originals as I hated them but I'm glad I've invested in these. You have pretty colours! My favourite product just under £5 is the Sleek True Colour lipsticks. They are amazing and I plan to get purchase one a week now to build my collection hehe.
    Love your blog! xxx

  3. I love the Barry M polishes, and another holy grail for me that is under £5 is Rimmel's Stay Matte powder. It is fantastic at keeping your make up oil free.

  4. The Sleek Matte Me looks so gorgeous! Barry M eyeliners are so good too :) great post!