August 31, 2014

Too Faced Lip Insurance VS Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion

While eyeshadow primers and face primers are quite commonly used, I never hear anyone speak of lip primers. There are so few brands that even have any, I actually only know of three; Urban Decay, Too Faced and MAC. I ended up picking up two of them and as I've had them for a while now, I thought I'd compare the two using one of my most troublesome lipsticks, Illamasqua's ESP. This post is somewhat outdated as I think Urban Decay's Lip Primer Potion has now been discontinued but is still available in certain stores. Hopefully, it'll just be a case of Urban Decay repackaging it as they have been doing with most of their line.

Illamasqua ESP with bare lips on left and Too Face lip insurance on right

Too Faced Lip Insurance (£14) applies like a lip gloss which originally feels moisturising but it kind of dries up your lip. It has the same feeling as mattifying liquid lipsticks without it being too drying. Although I believe everyone has a different tolerance towards that stuff. I found lip insurance to be rather effective when applying Illamasqua ESP, as with no primer, the lipstick wouldn't apply evenly on my lips and wouldn't want to stick on certain parts of my lip (left of bottom lip). With lip insurance, I found it to be much more pigmented and it was the only way I could get the lipstick to resemble itself on the original promo images.

Illamasqua ESP on bare lips on the left and Urban Decay lip primer on right

Urban Decay's lip primer potion (£13) applies like a lip balm, except instead of feeling smooth to apply, it pulls your lip as the stick in the tube is quite rough. Once applied though, the formula leaves the lip feeling moisturised. Whilst Urban Decay's primer does allow even application with some of the most stubborn lipsticks, it requires a lot of building as it feels as though you're applying it over a layer of lip balm. Even then, the colour wasn't as dark as it should have been.

Although Too Faced lip insurance is slightly more expensive, I would definitely recommend it over Urban Decay's primer potion. I find lip insurance to be dry lip friendly and it's not uncomfortable to apply unlike Urban Decay's. While the two do make troublesome lipsticks apply evenly, Too Faced's significantly improved the pigmentation. If you're specifically buying these to extend the wear time of a lipstick, I found they both only extended a lipsticks' wear time for maybe 2 hours. Personally, I tend to use these only with lipsticks that refuse to apply evenly.

So have you tried a lip primer before? What do you do to improve a lipsticks' texture?


  1. I hated the UD one. It broke on me because the stick was so dry.

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