August 14, 2014

Sephora Kiss Me Balm in Soda Pop

Generally, I'm quite fussy with lip balms. I was disappointed with Maybelline's baby lips, I felt as though they just dried my lips out more and their tinted range really didn't show up on my lips either. I've also tried a few other lip balms that just ended up irritating my lips. Since I'm close to finishing up my tube of Carmex, I thought I'd try out Sephora's new Kiss Me Balm.

There are six balms in the range, one with no colour and 5 with a subtle tint including a light pink, pink, orange, red and 'purple'. Although Sephora describes Soda Pop as purple, berry is more accurate. Each of these balms are personalised with their own fragrance. I struggle to identify Soda Pop's scent, but it reminds me of bubblegum from my childhood. Each time I apply the balm it's like a small whiff of nostalgia and I adore it's smell.

The shape of the Kiss Me Balms seem to have taken inspiration from the EOS balm range, yet somehow these appealed more to me. They remind me of space pods and are just so aesthetically badass. The EOS balms sell for anywhere between £5.95 - £6.50 and contain 7g of product, Sephora's Kiss Me Balms cost just over £5 and contain 5.8g.

I didn't expect much from this balm especially as it doesn't make any claims that it couldn't live up to, so I was pleasantly surprised by how long my lips felt moisturised (around 4 hours). According to Sephora the balm has been dermatologist tested. Although they haven't specified what the results were from the test if you have sensitive lips like me, you should get along well with these.

The tint can be built up to the intensity in the swatch above but it's actually rather sheer when you apply it casually. The more you use this, it becomes more difficult to apply precisely.

I honestly have no complaints and would consider purchasing all 6 in the range especially as I'm rather curious to how the rest perform and smell. I just wish these were more accessible and not only available through the US Sephora.


  1. Surprised by how pigmented it comes up!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  2. That's so pigmented! It looks gorgeous! :D

  3. Gorgeous colors and you look beaut! Fab review lovely.