August 18, 2014

Rainbow Honey's The Worst Possible Thing

Sometime last year I included indie nail polish brand, Rainbow Honey, nail polishes in a wishlist and a while later decided to try one of them out. The Worst Possible Thing is a sheer layering polish shimmering with opalescent flakes in purple and blue, a multitude of holographic and iridescent glitters. I adore how complex the indie polish is, the jewel encrusted finish makes it a unique addition to any polish addict's collection.

Since I'm out of black nail polish, I chose to layer the polish over Illamasqua's deep royal purple Baptiste nail polish. I found using the glitter nail polish as a top coat wasn't particularly effective as my nails had some chipping over the next few days. I avoided it as I dislike the effort of removing glitter nail polish. Any one full sized Rainbow Honey polish costs $10 (£6) on the official Rainbow Honey site which currently only deliver to US & Canada. They do have quite a few international stockists that should be able to deliver to most countries but the prices vary depending on the stockist.

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