August 06, 2014

MUA Blush in Bon Bon and Cupcake*

I've always been drawn to the MUA stand at my local Superdrug store because of how affordable their range is. However, being so affordable is exactly what has put me off purchasing anything from them. I always assumed their products would be a waste of (very little) money I'd just get disappointed. It wasn't until they came out with their Luxe range that I bit the bullet and tried them out. That's a review for another day, today I'll be discussing whether the concept of £1 blushes are just too good to be true. 

Shades Left to Right - Bon Bon and Cupcake

The two shades I received, Bon Bon and Cupcake are 2 of the 6 somewhat new blush shades introduced in 2013. Bon Bon is described as an apricot blush but seems more like a dusty rose to me whilst Cupcake is meant to be a soft peach but it has a neutral edge to it. I was surprised by how pigmented these were, admittedly, I had extremely low expectations at £1. Although Bon Bon applied wonderfully, Cupcake barely shows on my cheeks thanks to my tanned skin but if you have pale skin, I'd imagine it would suit you well. 

The most noticeable flaw is that these blushers are definitely not long lasting. These really don't compare to super pigmented blushes like Illamasqua in terms of quality but they're certainly more affordable. They also only contain 2.4g of product making it the least generous blush in a pan that I own but the most generous per pound.

The plastic packaging does feel a little cheap and flimsy, I can picture it being destroyed with one accidental drop but for £1, you kind of expect that. I do like how the clear cover enables you to see the shade easily and how they personalised their blushes by pressing their logo on them.

Overall, it's hard to fault MUA's blushes at £1 each. Although they aren't longlasting, they're more pigmented than certain drugstore brand blushers. These are great for months when you need to save and also make a good tester if you're unsure of trying a new blush shade outside your comfort zone.
*Both blushes are from a goodie bags at different events for consideration. No other compensation was made.


  1. I really wish I could try MUA products!

  2. I tried these about a year ago and really enjoyed them, i love the shades they have!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I had the exact opinion about MUA as you :D It chaned a bit after I tried their Luxe Lip Lacquers, but I wore one the other day and I think they changed texture over the time - formerly they were almost identical to Velvetines, but now they won't dry completely and are a bit sticky :/ So I am kinda disappointed...