August 26, 2014

Lime Crime Uniliners Review & Swatches

Before I began blogging, I was always fascinated by Lime Crime's colourful set of eyeliners. Whilst colourful eyeliners aren't exclusive to Lime Crime, I used to find several makeup artists who'd create amazing pieces of art with them which I never found with a different brand. Admittedly, I've yet to create anything comparable to what others have done but have finally gotten around to using them all (orange was the most difficult to get use of). As these have been repackaged, this is a somewhat outdated review, although I don't believe they've changed the formula.

Citreuse, Rhyme, 6th Element, Orchidaceous, Lazuli, Blue Milk, Reason, Quill

Personally I prefer to the new style packaging to the old one that I have and was gutted that I didn't wait longer before trying them but still enjoy the purple packaged uniliners. I'm not a huge fan of the eyeliner brush as they tend to fray. On the positive side, the thin brush is excellent for precise application and skinny lines.

Citreuse is described as a neon citrus-yellow. It's a shade that sometimes looks green and other times yellow. It required 2/3 coats for full opacity but dried quick enough to avoid any creasing.

Rhyme is a metallic gold with what Lime Crime describes as a foil finish which seems to be hints of sparkle. It's not a particularly unique shade as loads of brands offer gold eyeliners. It's somewhat sheer and requires layering for it to be truly opaque.

6th Element is orange and my least favourite of them all. I found it needed a lot of layering as it's rather sheer. The layering caused the formula to build up and crack when applied which is the main issue. If you were to skip out on any, this should be the one but it seems as though Lime Crime were a step ahead and discontinued it already.

Orchidaceous is described as a neon purple. I'm unsure if they've changed the color or formula to this but I wouldn't consider it neon at all. It's a pink-based purple liner that applied well with just one coat. It's a gorgeous colour that I struggle to get much use of as it looks odd on it's own.

Lazuli is a beautiful electric blue and the one I wear most often. If you purchased any one eyeliner in the whole collection, it should be this one. It was so pigmented it applied well with just the one swipe and once set it didn't budge for the rest of the day and evening.

Blue Milk is a pale sky blue that requires a few layers to make really bright and unlike 6th element it doesn't crack up. It's definitely one of my favourites shades but I found the brightness faded over a couple of hours but it still stayed in place.

Reason is a bright silver eyeliner with a foil finish and was one of the later additions to the line along with Rhyme. Similar to Rhyme, it's not a unique shade but it performed better Rhyme as it didn't require layering and was rather pigmented in one swipe.

Quill is a rather dark glossy black which is excellent. However, I wish the formula was more water resistant. I find that whenever I wear this shade, part of it will either disappear, smudge or just end up a black mess. I honestly avoid reaching for this because of it.

If you had to have one shade in particular, I'd definitely recommend Lazuli as it performed best. Blue Milk and Citreuse deserve honourable mentions as they're both gorgeous colours and perform well despite needing to be layered a bit. I would personally avoid 6th Element and Quill as I had the most trouble with those two colours.

Each of the uniliners cost £9 each on UK Lime Crime stockists like Cocktail, CutECOsmetics and Love Makeup and $14 on the Lime Crime site. Personally I consider them affordable as most liquid liners that I've bought are midrange rather than drugstore priced. 

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  1. They look amazing! Personally I love blue milk!