August 20, 2014

Holy Grail Products #3 The Blackest Eyeliner Urban Decay's Perversion Eye Pencil

I think anyone who has gone through some form of an alternative phase in their life or for those of us where it wasn't just a phase, has had black eyeliner as a staple in their makeup routine. As someone who has gone through several different black eyeliners, I've finally found one that I'll be committing to. Urban Decay's 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Perversion is the blackest black eyeliner I've ever used. As an added bonus, they're waterproof too.

What is it?
It's eyeliner, it's pretty self-explanatory. There isn't really much to add to that except that Urban Decay's eye pencils are excellent quality and definitely a hyped product amongst makeup addicts.

Why is it holy grail worthy?
Aside from it being such a dark black eye pencil, it's creamy formula allows comfortable application both on the lid and on the lash line. You can just use this on the lids and create a smoky eye by blending. It's long lasting, although not as much on the water line. The first time I used this it genuinely surprised me how dark my eyes were by the end of the evening. I've found a lot of eyeliners I used would refuse to apply over eyeshadow, or if they would, it would require heavy layering, Perversion glides on easily. Whenever any liquid liners of mine start fading out, I'll fill in the gaps with this pencil. If it weren't for my double-ended Naked eyeliners that I use for work, I'd have finished up the pencil by now.

Application Tips
I don't have any application tips for this, just a few general usage tips. Since the eyeliner is very creamy, it can break easily whilst sharpening. Don't try and make the tip too pointy as it will definitely crumble. The other thing is that because it's waterproof and very dark, it's rather difficult to remove. You'll need some heavy duty makeup remover or you can just save what's left for the next day. (I'm not serious, it was just a joke)

Price and Availability
The main downfall of these eyeliners is their price which used to be £14 but has gone up to £15. It's why I don't have more shades. However for the quality, I definitely think it's worth investing in a colour that you know you'll get a lot of use from. They're also quite easy access as they're available in Sephora, Ulta and Macy's in the states whilst here in the UK they've recently launched in Selfridges and have been available in Debenhams and House of Fraser for a while.

Have you tried Urban Decay's Perversion liner? What is your favourite black eyeliner?


  1. Always wanted to try them but can't justify that much for an eyeliner!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  2. I wish they weren't so expensive :(, I rather like the liner I got with my Glinda palette but I just don't know whether I'd use a pencil liner often enough to justify it... even my trusty liner pens don't get as much use these days.

  3. I love that eyeliner. I can't apply liner on my top lash line, but use it for my waterline and it always applies great. At the moment I am using Barry M's Bold Black liner.