August 22, 2014

Geek Chic Cosmetics Timey Wimey Shadows

It's been a few months since I've reviewed any of my Geek Chic shadows, I've already reviewed a few shadows from their Walking Dead and Game of Thrones inspired collection. Aside from today's set, I still have 2 more to go through. Since the new season of Doctor Who will be out soon, I thought I'd pick things up again with their Timey Wimey collection. Although I'm not a Whovian, I chose these shadows as they seemed to be the most unique on the Geek Chic website. The set takes inspiration from the whole Dr Who universe, including Torchwood.

Don't Blink, Bad Wolf, We Are Coming, Bigger on the Inside

Don't Blink is a silver tinsel filled with silver, holographic and iridescent glitter on a silver base. It's a surprisingly nice highlighter shade when dusted on lightly and also makes for a great silver smoky eye. Fun fact, Blink was the first Dr Who episode I watched and it creeped me out.

Bad Wolf seems rather Gray in the pot and on the Geek Chic site but is actually a pearlescent royal purple with a soft gold iridescence and studded with sparkling golden gems. When blended out, I found the shadow matched the sample clamshell more.

We Are Coming is a rich chocolate with a shifting golden copper highlight, it also contains a mixture of ruby and sapphire glitter. Whilst this shadow was quite pigmented, I did get a lot of fallout. It's my least favourite shadow out of all four too.

Bigger On the Inside is my favourite shade of the lot. It's a blue based shadow, glowing with a metallic golden light from the heart of the time vortex, glittering with gold sparkles. However, because of it's complexity, it was difficult to apply evenly on the lid.

Although I would never have thought to pair these 4 shadows together, for reviews sake, I created a look using all of them and was surprised with the results. First, I blended Bad Wolf (pearlescent purple) and We Are Coming (chocolate brown) into my crease. Next, I patted Bigger on the Inside (blue) all over the lid and dusted Don't Blink (silver) under the brow bone. I finished the look off with We Are Coming on the lower lashline, eyeliner and false lashes.

The products in this review are only sample sizes and cost $1.25 whilst a full sized tubs cost $5.99. Although the samples are a more cost effective way to trial all the Geek Chic Cosmetics shadows you're interested in, the clamshells aren't easy to work with and I find each time I shut them they cause a little eyeshadow cloud so I lose a little product.

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  1. I have all of those, love them. Does Bigger On The Inside stain your skin or is it just me that it hates? Even when I use a primer I end up with some staining.