August 04, 2014

Bowl of Empties

I stopped writing empties posts a while ago as I figured they weren't adding anything and I generally find them boring. However, I've been trying to declutter my room by using up all my samples and other bits and bobs. Since a fair few of these are samples, I've been unable to write any in-depth reviews on them, so I this is an excellent way to give my 2 cents on them.

As my skin has become a lot drier over the last year, I've been searching for a new foundation for myself so have been trying out different foundation samples. The first one I decided to try out was Urban Decay's Naked foundation, which didn't provide enough coverage and would cling on to my dry patches. Although Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation didn't cling to dry patches, I found it could be built up to medium coverage but I don't like caking on my foundation. Finally, I tried out Bare Minerals original foundation and have fallen in love, even though it doesn't provide amazing coverage, I found it healed the dry skin on my face. I plan on picking up a full size one once I've finished all my other foundation bottles.

I've finally gotten around to finishing up several Illamasqua products that have been half empty for a while. For a long time, Illamasqua's powder blush in Ambition was the only blush I ever owned, as you can tell it's been well loved. I've also used up my Illamasqua powder foundation which I really liked for adding coverage but didn't repurchase because I'm looking for a more affordable option. I've also used up a Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (I have another left) and my Hydra Veil tub and sample. For a long while, I was close to finishing up an Illamasqua Illuminator and whilst trying to finish it up, I realised it had gone off and was clearly expired. It's currently discontinued which I assume is a result of the new Gleam highlighter range.

Hask actually have 4 different brands of products but at VintSetFest I was given 3 of their shine oils and sachets of their conditioners which I used up ages ago. The keratin protein is meant to be for smoothing and is meant to revive, restore, calm and strengthen frizzy locks yet somehow it ended up being my least favorite. I think you should try this one out if you often dye your hair.

Argon oil was my favorite of the three because it smelled like chocolate orange to me. It's classed as the repairing option and is meant to repair, strengthen, moisturise whilst taming frizz and adding shine. I got along alright with the macadamia oil which is meant for moisturising damaged hair but personally thought it didn't perform as well as the Macadamia Natural Oil brand I tried last year. I've seen them around at Primark and remember thinking they were quite affordable, whilst it's too small for the weekly routine, I would purchase it if I was travelling.

Last we have somewhat of a cheat item as I've already written a full review on it, Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask. I was originally given a sample by Lush and loved the smell but wanted to trial it for longer. I'd recommend it if your skin goes red but if you're expecting it to fix your acne, I would skip it.


  1. I've been considering the benefit hello flawless foundation for a while, would you say it's not worth it then?

    1. It's actually alright in my opinion. I wouldn't purchase it for myself because I have a lot of pigmentation scars and am too lazy to bother with concealer every single day, so I like to wear something with high coverage. If you don't have the same problem, then I'd say go for it or go to a benefit counter and try out the foundation/ask for a sample. :)