August 12, 2014

Benefit They're Real Liner

Despite noticing a lot of reviews on the new Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner, I never got around to reading any and didn't know much about them. I was under the impression they were just a standard liquid liner. It wasn't until I received mine from Yazmin of YazzysCorner's giveaway that I realised they're actually gel liners in pen form.

The pencil gel liner has a special tip where the gel liner gets pushed out of by twisting the base of the pencil. If you twist too much, you'll get a load of gel that pops out. To avoid wasting product, I dabbed the excess gel onto my wrist and used the tip as a brush and the bit on my wrist as a standard pot of gel liner. Applying this felt odd as I the Accuflex tip feels rougher than a liquid liner brush or liquid pen tip would feel. The gel liner can apply a little dry at times causing tugging but it's all down to twisting more out for comfortable application.

On the more positive side, each time I've worn this, I've always been surprised by how the eyeliner is still in perfect condition at the end of the night. It is ridiculously long lasting. As it is a gel liner though, I can imagine it possibly drying up in a couple of months but that's just speculation as I've only had it for a short while now.

Although the liner is long-wearing and highly water resistant, it does take a while to get used to and I'm still learning. However, that's not unusual as whenever I've tried out a new type of eyeliner (from pencil liners, to liquid liners, to pen liquid liners and gel liners), there's always been a learning period. I find it near impossible to apply this over heavy eyeshadow. I'm also not sold on the whole lash hugging gimmick Benefit are selling, as it's easier to apply most eyeliners with no lash gap than it is to learn how to use this.

One of the major drawbacks is that you only get 1.4g of product for £18.50 and most pot gel liners have around double that amount for a cheaper price. Certain drugstore brands, such as L'oreal, have gel liners with more product packaged with a brush for almost half price. Illamasqua's gel liner has triple the amount for the same price. So if you're picky with your money, I wouldn't go for it.

Would I recommend? Depends, If you've been meaning to try out gel liners and often use liquid pen liners, I'd suggest you use this as a gateway product to become familiar with the consistency. With the amount of product in it though, I don't think it's amazing enough to purchase a second time, I would just move on to the standard gel liner pots.

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