August 02, 2014

A Pink Haters' Favourite Pink Makeup Items

When I first began using makeup, I started off using a few pink shades thinking they'd all look natural on me. However, when I began using a few I ended up developing a hatred for the color as a lot of shades looked and felt wrong on me. This would be particularly frustrating as they would look gorgeous on other people with a different skin tone.

Despite not being a fan of the color, I'd often wear it on my nails anyway. Illamasqua's nail polish in Obsess is a bright fuschia pink and is so far the only nail polish I've managed to use up entirely. Whilst I'm generally not a fan of pastel pink nail polish and kind of detested Lime Crime's Parfait Day, I've kind of grown to love it due to it's neon undertone.

KVD Back Stage Bambi, KVD Lovecraft, Illamasqua Resist, Sleek Fuchsia, Illamasqua Move Gloss, Illamasqua Laid Blush, Sleek Pomegranate, NYX Desert Rose, Sugarpill Birthday Girl 

I find lip products to be the most guilty of looking wrong on me and wonderful on others. I personally find nude and bright pinks to go well with my skin tone. Nude, muted pink lip products like Kat Von D's Lovecraft (matte mauve pink) and Illamasqua's intense lipgloss in Move are shades that I'll wear daily. I'll occasionally wear Sleek's Fuchsia or Kat Von D's Backstage Bambi (hot pink) if I feel like wearing a bright pink lip. However, my most used pink lipstick is Illamasqua's lipstick in resist which is a gorgeous deep rose pink.

In terms of blushers, I used to only wear a neutral brown shade with shimmer on my cheeks, but since finishing it completely, I've began experimenting with different blusher shades. My favorite pink is currently Illamasqua's cream blush in Laid for it's dewey finish and bright rose pink color. My second favorite is NYX's blush in desert rose is a super pigmented and affordable matte burgundy pink blush. I only own one other NYX Blush but I'm incredibly impressed by the quality of these, especially for the price. Whilst Sleek's Pomegranate blush originally put me off, I've grown to love the plum pink blush with it's shimmer finish.

In terms of eyeshadows, I've actually stopped wearing pink eyeshadows for a while. My most used pink eyeshadow is Sugarpill's Birthday Girl loose eyeshadow which is a baby pink color but the color alone on my eyes became a little too kawaii for my personality.

Know of any universally flattering pink makeup items? Do share!


  1. Love your choices, they're all so vibrant!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  2. If you want a more universally flattering pink lipstick, try MAC Rebel. It is dark pink/fuschia but it looks good on a lot of people (I've seen lots of bloggers with different skin tones wearing it!)

    1. i have MAC Rebel and it looks very berry on me xD it is lovely though!