July 27, 2014

NYX Macaron Lippie Full Collection Swatches

One of the major reasons my IMATS haul wasn't too ridiculously large was because I had managed to spectacularly fail at my spending ban due to deciding that I needed all 12 of NYX's Macaron Lippies. I had originally planned on purchasing 9 of them but because I purchased these on eBay where they tend to offer the products in bundles of 1, 3, 6 or 12, it actually ended up cheaper for me to purchase 12 than a bundle of 6 and another bundle of 3.

I adore the packaging on these and how easy it is to find the shade you want with the clear bit in the middle. I found that whilst applying these the lipsticks would often get pushed down and even whilst taking photos, some of the lipsticks would randomly go back into their tube. You can 'click' the lipsticks into place by twisting the entire bullet out or in though.

Top: Citron, Orange Blossom, Rose, Black Sesame, Lavender, Violet

Citron is a yellow lipstick that applies a lighter shade of yellow than the color in the tube. It applies a little sheer so if you were hoping for a more opaque yellow for makeup art I would try OCC instead. I found it photographed better than it actually looks. Wouldn't recommend unless you just want it to have all the colors in the rainbow like yours truly.

Orange Blossom is described as orange but it comes off as a pastel orange on my arm but looks slightly neon when on the lips. I had to layer a bit for opaqueness but couldn't achieve full intensity it did apply slightly more evenly than Citron did. I was hoping for a different shade of orange similar to Lime Crime's cosmopop but with my skin tone it just looks neon.

Black Sesame is a light grey which reminds me of Chinchilla without the purple undertones, you could probably mix this with Lavender to achieve the same color though. It definitely reminds me of zombie lipstick and the color of clay. Found it to be super creamy and rather opaque (very opaque compared to citron/orange blossom), however still requires some layering for intensity.  

Rose is described as a lavender pink but I consider it to be that strawberry milkshake lipstick shade that I feel so wrong in but looks wonderful on so many others. It's rather opaque and creamy just like black sesame. I'd give it a 9/10 rating if I didn't dislike the color so much.

Lavender is described as, you guessed it, lavender. Whilst I adore purple lipsticks, I've generally avoided light/pale purples and lilacs intentionally due to my tanned skin. However, it's not stopped me from lusting after one, since the brand was so affordable, I figured why not? It was very easy to achieve an opaque lip, it felt like the formula was extra creamy and it caused a bit of the lipstick to shift around.

Violet is described as a Royal Purple and is easily my favorite. It's the least creamiest of them all but still creamy and so I had zero shifting problems with it. It applies super opaque and is one of the only shades I'd get away with wearing quite often in the Macaron set. It's my must have shade out of all of them (I may be biased though).

Bottom: Blue Velvet, Earl Gray, Pistachio, Key Lime, Coconut, Chambord

Blue Velvet is described as Electric Blue, the name sounds very Lime Crime influenced. It's very opaque but the lipstick shifted a little. It's the only one that I experienced staining with, it made my lips look like a blue ball point pen leaked on to my lips.

Earl Gray is described as a powder blue and once again it shifted a fair bunch but I found this to be one of the more opaque shades. I'm unsure how I'll every make use of this shade as a baby blue isn't a lipstick color I'd ever want to use. It doesn't apply 100% evenly so I had to go over it quite a few times.

Pistachio is described as a mint green that looks like a bright jade on my lips. It's one of the shades I was most excited to try, I found it to shift a lot due to it's creamy nature. It definitely looks a little crazy on me though.

Key Lime is a lime green that I wanted to fall in love with but couldn't as it applied awfully. Whilst the color itself is lovely it just won't get on my lips evenly. Despite constantly layering over it there are bits where the lipstick won't apply and I couldn't get an intense lip. 

Coconut is a white lipstick that was also difficult to apply, it's naturally semi-sheer but this didn't bother me too much as I wanted this to lighten certain lipstick shades.

Chambord is a black lipstick that didn't apply especially black on it's own. I've swatched it next to Lime Crime's Styletto (not pictured) and found Styletto to be much blacker. However, if you use a black lip liner, you can get a very dark black lip color.

Overall, I found all of the lipsticks to be rather creamy with Violet being the least creamy out of the lot and also my favorite formula. A lot of the lipsticks had a habit of shifting around on the lips which was annoying but a lip primer does help fix this problem. The worst performing lipsticks were easily Citron, Orange Blossom, Key Lime and Coconut. Coconut could be built up better than the rest whilst the other three were still only semi opaque.

Despite all of it's flaws, I'd say that if you've wanted to try out odd lipstick colors without spending a fortune you should definitely try these out. Despite needing some work, they're fun, affordable colors that would be excellent for weird cosplays or shoots. NYX are also coming out with what I think will be called the Wicked collection which will have a lot of darker shades that look like decent dupes for certain shades that Melt Cosmetics do too.

You can purchase NYX Macaron Lippies for $6 at Ulta or if you're in the UK, you can purchase them from eBay like I have.


  1. I like the colors but it's complicate for wear it. Sorry for my English because i'm french :)

  2. Wowww this are bold! Awesome to experiment with. I love your swatches :)

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  3. WOW! Amazing pictures! & Lovely post ^^ Your blog always makes me wanna buy these stuff that I don't plan on purchasing :p I love how pigmented they are!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  4. Love how they have brought out these shades! :D

    I really like the violet shade. ^_^