July 02, 2014

New Sugarpill Limited Edition Olivia Shadow & Sparkle Baby Palette Preview

Out of everything I picked up at IMATS, I thought I'd review the new Olivia shadow first as I'm already quite familiar with the Sugarpill range and am a huge fan of their loose eyeshadow range in particular. I'm glad they came out with this as I've been eyeing gold-green shadows online lots and realised despite having a huge eyeshadow collection, I still didn't own a shade like it.

Olivia leans slightly more gold with just one swipe, however if you apply a second layer it becomes a more vibrant gold green shade. I can imagine the bright shades in the Sugarpill range can be daunting for those unsure of color but this is a gorgeous subtle green shade for those wanting to experiment more. It's a beautiful color that I see myself wearing quite often. 

Colors from left to right - Junebug, Olivia, Absinthe, Tipsy

I thought I'd swatch Olivia next to other green loose shadows by Sugarpill for comparison. I've swatched it on the left as an eyeliner with Illamasqua sealing gel and on the right without any primer. As you can see it is worth picking up even if you have the other shades as it's unlike anything else in the collection. Just like the rest of the loose shadows, these are long lasting and even managed to survive an eyeball licking from my partner (not a test I regularly do). I also kind of prefer the white packaging on the limited edition shadow to the original.

I actually forgot to include these photos in my original IMATS post, but Sugarpill had a preview sample of their upcoming Sparkle Baby palette. Something we've all been waiting a long time for. I didn't ask for a release date but I think the plan is for this to be released sometime in August (but don't take my word for it, I'm probably wrong). Either way, I'm expecting this to at least release this year, so I decided against picking up the single shadows at IMATS.


  1. I really love olivia, it's my favourite of the four i think!

  2. I can't wait for them to release that new palette!