July 11, 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Bloody Brilliant Quad Palette Review & Looks

So after picking up the Dodgy Girl lipstick from MAC's Kelly Osbourne collection, I found myself lurking around the makeup stand several times in the same week checking out the Bloody Brilliant quad, I was kind of worried security thought I was some dodgy shoplifter because of how many times I visited the stand in the same week. I was hesitating purchasing the palette because the swatches in store didn't impress me. I decided to eventually just go for it because I couldn't seem to get it off my mind and I'd never had that with any palette before.

Swatches from top to bottom: Spoonful of Sugar, Tickety Boo, Fizzy Rose, Shadowy Lady

Spoonful of Sugar is described as a sparkling platinum shadow with a veluxe pearl finish. It's not particular opaque, so it makes for a lovely highlighter and even a decent lid shade. 

Tickety Boo is described as a soft muted plum brown  and has a satin finish. Tickety Boo is almost the exact same color as my lids, so I can see myself using just this shade on my lids with eyeliner on days when I can't be fussed. It's hard for me to get excited about this shade but I'm sure lighter or darker skinned girls would enjoy it more.

Fizzy Rose is a pale lilac shadow with a satin finish. You need to build a few layers to get this color to show up on the lids but if you're in a rush, I'd just use a white base on the lid to make the color pop. It's not an especially pigmented shadow.

Shadowy Lady is a blackened plum with a matte finish. It's the only shade out of the four that's part of the core collection and it's easily the most frustrating one as well. You really need to layer this shadow for it to look anywhere near as dark as the pan and although I can appreciate having a lighter application for day time looks I found it difficult to blend.

It probably sounds like I regret or hate this palette but as someone who has one too many colorful palettes, I'm enjoying trying out makeup looks I've never done before or need practice on, such as a cut crease (2nd eye look) or the snowglobe eyeshadow shape (3rd eye look). I find myself using this so much more than my other 2 non-rainbow quads because I'm so in love with the packaging, despite the other two clearly being far more pigmented than this. I took this palette to IMATs with me and regret it as I wanted to do my makeup quickly, but you really need to take your time with this quad as it requires a fair amount of layering.

I admit to thinking this palette was rubbish when I first got it and if I had reviewed it straight away I would have given a very poor review. I was very uninspired with it originally but after playing around with it, I really do love the dramatic looks you can create with the subtle purple shades. It has it's flaws but I have no regrets.

As this was limited edition, this has already sold out on the MAC website but you can check your local counter at Selfridges or Debenhams as they may still have it for £33. The collection is yet to launch in certain international locations in August.


  1. It looks so pretty, love the packaging x

  2. Love the looks you've created! :)

  3. It looks like a beautiful quad!

    // The Deaf Side of Makeup

  4. I bought this palette and I agree some of the shades do need a little work, but overall I love the palette, especially the shade Spoonful of Sugar