July 05, 2014

LUSH Angels On Bare Skin*

This cleanser is the 3rd and last item that Lush provided us at the recent Birmingham bloggers meetup. This is the strangest product by Lush I've tried so far. This Angels on Bare Skin cleansing scrub made for calming and cleansing the skin is inspired by a medieval recipe and definitely has an all natural product feel to it. 

The texture of the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser can be slightly off-putting. It looks a bit like chunky oatmeal and seeds. You're meant to break a small piece off and create a paste by running it under warm water. Then you lightly rub the paste wherever the problematic areas are. For me, this was my face, for my partner, it was his back.

Whilst the cleanser definitely made my skin feel soft and is sensitive skin friendly, I didn't feel as though it helped me acne wise. Unlike other Lush cleansers, it doesn't remove makeup either, making it even less useful for me. However, unlike my ocean salt scrub, it took a while for me to get through the tub. This scrub did work very well on my partner's summer bacne though. You could see the difference the cleanser made within a day as the next day of his first try it all cleared up. I would have taken before and after shots but I thought I'd spare my readers the sight of it. So if you happen to suffer from body acne, I'd say it's worth trying out.

Ingredients include ground almonds for gentle exfoliation, lavender oil and rose absolute to calm the skin and kaolin to clean and nourish the skin by absorbing grease and dirt. When you create the paste, the ground almonds turn to almond milk which aids in toning and brightening the skin.

So will I be repurchasing? Definitely, however it won't be for me but my partner.

You can purchase Angels on Bare Skin for £6.40 (100g) or £16 (250g) at your local lush store.

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  1. I really don't *get* this cleanser, I feel it doesn't cleanse my skin. It's like it coats my skin in something. It could possibly be a moisturiser but sometimes you can't beat the feeling of nothing on your skin!