July 09, 2014

Blognix 2014

It feels like Blognix just happened yesterday but it's been almost a month since I attended the blogger conference held at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. I originally didn't plan on attending due to the rather pricey ticket, but decided to go for it as I already knew a few people attending. The event was perfect timing as I'd been feeling 'lost' with the whole blogging shtick. I've had a lot of non-beauty related topics that I'd considered writing about but didn't feel 100% secure with as none of these topics had a real connection to beauty blogging.

So after registering and receiving our goody bags and badges on the day, we had to sign up to whichever workshops that interested us. I was very impressed by the options available to us, we could learn about podcasting, tax return, how to improve photography skills, alternative ways to monetise your blog outside of advertising, negotiating brand collaborations and making money from your blog with a book. After that, we grabbed some tea and croissants for breakfast. 

The first talk of the day was perfect for my dilemma. It was based on branding, a concept I never quite understood when it came to blogging especially as I've always seen it as nothing more than a hobby. Nonetheless, it definitely helped gain some focus on the direction of this blog. One of my favorite tips to help define your blog was by writing down what you're not, this could include things like not wanting to use rude words or just topics you will not cover.

After a few talks on freelancing and how to go about arranging irl blogger meetups, we were treated to lunch whilst the judges for the bake off began their tasting. Soon after, we were able to actally eat the delicious deserts. However, I was too busy eating as many Brigadeiros by Miss Apple's Sweets, easily the tastiest desert I've ever tried. Afterwards, we had our workshops and closing talks before being treated to cocktails and pizzas at Alfie Birds to chat and unwind.

I definitely learnt a lot throughout the day and left with pages of (very messy) notes. There was a rather popular beauty blogger at the event who seemed to be taking a lot of notes too so I think it's safe to say that you will definitely learn something new for sure. The atmosphere was very different to the typical beauty blogger meet, everyone was giving pointers and sharing tips, I definitely felt more comfortable and accepted there than your average blogger meet. I left the event feeling more inspired than before.

I'm unsure if I'd attend again next year though, it would largely depend on how different the talks and workshops are. That said, if I was feeling slightly uninspired same time next year, I'd definitely visit as I left the place filled with ideas (now I just need to turn those ideas into action), it also may be worth re-attending just for the food too. I personally consider blogging as nothing more than a hobby, but because it was local and there was nothing on my social calendar on the day, I attended. If you are looking to profit from your blog, or are a small business looking to incorporate blogging on to your website, it is definitely worth going to.


  1. That sounds amazing. I think I'd consider going next year, especially if I'm in a rut like now!

  2. I had not heard of this, till I read this post. I would definitely be interested in going next year.