July 31, 2014

A Very Purple First Fyrinnae Haul & FotD

Fyrinnae has always been a mega hyped brand within the indie makeup community. Despite it's reputation, it just never appealed to me. That said, some time last year I considered making an order from them but got put off by the estimated delivery date which at the time was around 40-48 business days. When I recently discovered that Fyrinnae had a purple blush, I decided to make a small order and try a mixture of products including the legendary Pixie Epoxy, one of their Lip Lustres and the dualcolor shadow that got me interested to start with, Mephisto. I was pleased to find that it doesn't actually take as long as the estimated delivery dates on the front page of their site, and received my parcel in just over 2 weeks.

Fyrinnae's Royalty blush is a vibrant violet blush that doesn't blend down to a warm shade. I decided to pick up a full size ($6.25) version of this because I clearly need so much purple blush in my life. I accidentally applied this on too heavily the first time using it resulting in a very blue toned purple cheek. After removing all the makeup on my cheeks and reapplying, I found it looked somewhat grey when applied lightly on my cheeks. It's easily the most unique blush I own.

The lip lustre in Romantique is a semi-sheer soft warm pink with gold shimmer. I believe their lip lustres are glosses with the pigmentation of lipsticks, so liquid lipsticks without drying to a longwear matte. I picked up a cute little trial size of this for $2. Whilst I do like the color and it looks amazing on others, I feel as though my naturally dark lips ruin the end result so I don't see myself getting a full size tube when I finish it.

Romantique Lip Lustre, Royalty Blush, Debonair, Mephisto, Mephisto over Pixie Epoxy

Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy ($7) is a translucent/clear sort of glue base that is meant to help sparkles in pigments and loose eyeshadows stand out. It's meant to achieve the foiled look without foiling. The doe foot applicator makes it super simple to apply, as it's not a primer I only use this over one and I only use the tiniest amount on each lid. I'm very likely going to write up a longer review on this one but I found that it not only increased pigmentation and sparkles with loose shadows but I also felt as though I could cover a larger surface area with less product.

Mephisto is a dark royal blue loose eyeshadow in a metallic finish with a vibrant metallic red sheen depending on how the light hits it. This is currently the most complex shadow I own (in full size - $6.25) and although that makes it a little tricky to use, I adore it. If you use too little product, Mephisto is blue but when built up or applied over a wet base, it's a coppery red.

I was given a free sample of Fyrinnae's Debonair in my order. It's a gorgeous warm, shimmery lilac with a glowing coppery highlight. The amount in the free sample is a lot smaller than the purchasable sample sizes ($2.25). I adore this color and plan on getting a full size pot.

I used all of my Fyrinnae products in the look. After priming my lids, I blended Fyrinnae's Mephisto into my crease for the blue-purple shade. Next, I used Shiro's Little Bird Shadow in the inner corner and then decided to dab on some Pixie Epoxy on the lid (ideally I would have done this just before using Little Bird) and used debonair all over the lid. After blending everything, I lined my eyes, dusted the Royalty blush lightly on my cheeks and used Romantique on my lips.

Overall, whilst I'm not 100% sold on the lip lustre shade I picked up, I have fallen in love with their loose shadows, have become ridiculously obsessed with how wonderfully unique they truly are and would definitely recommend their Pixie Epoxy if you have any pigments that contain glitter or sparkles. 


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  2. Purple blush :O looks like a cool shade to do contours for a maleficent inspired look!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  3. Fyrinnae's TAT is usually waay under the one listed on their website. I'm so glad you got Mephisto, it's such a gooorgeous colour :)

  4. I love Pixie Epoxy! I use it as a base for glitter as well as pigments, it doesn't feel as uncomfortable on my lid as some glitter bases.
    Sorry for all the comments, just found your blog and excited to see you like a lot of the same things as me!