June 01, 2014

X-Men Days of Future Past Blink Makeup

Ever since I saw the first promo images of Blink in the now released X-Men Days of Future Past film, I knew I'd want to try and recreate her look. I already had the purple extensions, dark lipstick and I had been meaning to finally use a pair of green contact lenses so why not?

The first thing I worked on was the hair, despite having long hair I don't do much with it, so I searched Youtube for an easy fishtail braid tutorial and luckily found one that made sense to me. Before trying it out though, I added in my purple extensions. You can go the extra mile by using hair chalk on the fringe area but I didn't have any at hand. Either way, I eventually managed to complete my unintentionally messy fishtail braid.

On to the makeup bit! First, I drew guidelines for the purple bits with my Urban Decay Venom lip pencil. Then, I wore my green contact lenses before applying foundation. Next I began shading in the purple bits with Concrete Minerals Pro Matte shadow in Queen and blended in some of Sugarpill's White Tako shadow to kind of give it some dimension. The eye makeup itself was straight forward, I just applied Concrete Minerals Graveyard shadow all over the lid and blended in the crease with Blood and Guts and then lined my lower water line with some brown eyeliner too. I wanted the emphasis to be on the contacts and the purple detail around it. I finished the look with blush and Kat Von D's lipstick in Vampira.

Products Used
Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Venom
Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation
Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder
Concrete Minerals Pro Matte Shadow in Queen
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Tako
Concrete Minerals Mineral Eyeshadows in Graveyard and Blood and Guts
Urban Decay Naked 3 Double Ended Liner shade in Darkside
Illamasqua Pressed Powder Blusher in Allure
Kat Von D Lipstick in Vampira
False Eyelashes
Green Contact Lenses

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  1. Super! I love your themed make-up posts! Storm or Mystique could have a potentially good look also!