June 20, 2014

Stila Countless Color Pigments in Light Show, Tie-Dye and Melody

During the post Christmas sales period, I decided to pick up three of Stila's Countless Color Pigments shadows that had released summer 2013. I adore the tie dye shadow concept they came up with and had been eyeing them long before they were available in the UK. When I saw these on sale for just over £5 each, I finally thought I'd indulge in them. The three I picked are Light Show (green), Tie-Dye (blue) and Melody (purple).

Swatched over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, Top to Bottom: Light Show, Tie-Dye & Melody

I was naturally drawn to the more colorful options that were offered but Stila also has more subtle options and 10 shadows in the full range. As you can see above there are more than just 3 shades per pot but how easy it is to get multiple colors really depends on which option you go for. The monochrome shadows like Melody were the most disappointing. Despite their being a bit of magenta in the pan, it was impossible to get that shade to show.

To an extent Light Show was also disappointing too as even though it was easy to get the yellow to pop on the arm swatch, when it came to using it on the lid it just turned out more lime. However the look still came out better than Melody's did which almost looked like I had only applied a single color on the lid. Tie-Dye was the obvious winner as I managed to get 2 shades of blue, 3 purple colors and a pink. 

Although these swatched wonderfully over NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk, I found that they weren't as vibrant over the jumbo pencil when on my lid. I really had to put in extra effort for it to look as vibrant as in the images above which you can see isn't particularly vibrant. I found it impossible to get the darker shades to be...dark. These also didn't blend well for me either.

I'm glad I bought these on sale as I would have felt cheated if I had paid the full £14 on each. These don't seem to be available on Sephora anymore so I assume they are or will be discontinued, however if you're curious you can still grab these on the Stila UK site. If you do try them definitely go for the non-monochrome ones.

TL;DR Stila's countless color pigments are excellent in concept but the execution and quality is average at best.


  1. They look so pretty :)

  2. You created such beautiful looks! They also look great.


  3. they look so pretty in the pan I wouldn't be able to ruin them haha.

  4. I have one of these and I really like it. I agree, however, that the shadows are a bit sheer.